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Optimize your Customer Care with the
Nubik Service Success Program

Companies today recognize the value of a qualified and efficient service department. The reason is simple: customer service is often the only direct experience that a customer will have with your organization. Good customer service builds trust, reinforces your brand, solves problems and is of course a great way to gain new customers through reputation and word of mouth.

The ability to deliver a flawless customer experience has become increasingly complex with a multi-channel interaction that includes phone service, website, chat, and even social media. Having the right tools and processes is key. The Nubik Service Success Program is designed for high tech companies, to help you understand the scope and scale of your processes, at all levels in your organization, so you can implement the highest levels of customer care.




Define a vision that is in line with your corporate values, and has measurable and achievable objectives.



Know what your customers expect, evaluate how you are meeting those expectations and identify areas to surprise and delight your customers, to reinforce your corporate brand.



Identify and implement the right technology that keeps your customers, service staff, service management, and your executive team on the same page.

Goal Attainment


Design a data driven process that allows you to measure your goals so you can easily identify where you are reaching these goals and where you need to double down on your efforts.

The Nubik Service Success Program

Even if you have all the right tools in place, there could be small gaps in your process that look like gaping holes to your customers. Working hand-in-hand with your team, we will help you uncover the opportunities to streamline your processes, so you can deliver the best service that your customers deserve.


Through a series of personnel interviews and process audits, we perform a thorough analysis of your current service offer. Examining how your team currently operates through a series of interactive questions and work sessions is the best way to get the full picture and identify what areas need improvement.

Process Optimization

Following the assessment, we will share a series of recommendations to help you enhance your current service offer. Whether through more training, upgrades to your knowledge base, or simply adapting the existing processes to increase customer delivery time. 

Management and Staff Training

Well trained staff directly impacts team performance. Through a series of team workshops, we make sure everyone has access to the right tools, the right information and is aligned to the same goals. Together, we will help you empower your help desk to make your customers happy.

Why nubik

Our tenured service consultants, share industry best practise, deep technological knowledge, and practical business savvy to help your organisation overcome the challenges of delivering and maintaining high-quality service. We’re invested in your customer service success and are here to help you bring your company to the next level.

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