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Salesforce CPQ

Configure. Price. Quote. It's a breeze.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Salesforce CPQ, is an easy to use system that automates your CPQ (configure, price, quote) and billing processes, so your team can quickly and easily build accurate quotes in Salesforce Lightning. Through a product configurator, your reps can create customer quotes with consistent pricing and discounting, and include the right mix of components in every quote. No matter how complex your requirements, Salesforce makes it easy for your sales reps to select the right products and services based on your business rules, every time.


Accurate Quotes


Consistent products, pricing, discounting and automated approvals mean you can maximize cross-sells and up-sells, and deliver quotes faster than before.

Unified proposals


Standardize proposals with corporate branding, attach the right collateral and terms and Conditions; even integrate digital signatures.

Streamline billing and revenue recognition

Quickly recognize revenue in your financial systems; report on quotes, orders, invoices, and payments.

Nubik services


The Nubik QuickStart for Salesforce CPQ follows a series of workshops in which we configure your system for security, permissions, subscriptions, and all aspects of your implementation. Using surveys and questionnaires, we work with your sales managers to understand your business processes and implement these into a cohesive CPQ system. We provide training and knowledge transfer so you are empowered to manage your evolving needs.

Why nubik

With four certified Salesforce Steelbrick Blue Belts, we have the right team. Our extensive experience with the Salesforce platform, and a deep commitment to continuous training and certification means we are always adopting the latest developments and best practices.  Our highly collaborative approach means you’ll master your implementation and be able to take ownership once your project is complete.

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