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4 Reasons Why You Should Connect Field Service to FinancialForce

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As of February 3, 2022

There are many reasons businesses decide to digitize operations. Some of these are financial, practical, or based on popular and proven trends. Connecting Salesforce Field Service to a top-level enterprise PSA such as FinancialForce is a tried and true method of driving your business’s digital transformation.

There is an expectation today in both B2B and B2C that field service calls should be precise and trackable. Businesses that still offer large 3 or 4-hour long service windows have fallen behind. New technology has given us access to more data than ever before to track cost and revenue generation on a granular level.

As certified Salesforce consultants, we saw a need among our own clientele that had not yet been filled: a single implementation to leverage CRM data into an ERP. Field Fuse can track financials quickly and efficiently while elevating customer service capacity to meet demand. We’ve highlighted the key benefits of this unique offering elsewhere, but today we’re going to take a deep dive into some unexpected benefits.


Who hasn’t had to wait around at home waiting for a delivery or technician to arrive? And why is it they always seem to show up at the precise moment you decide to step out for a quick 10-minute errand? It’s difficult to say how much business you might be losing to an agonizing service window, not to mention time lost to back-and-forth with internal teams trying to figure out who best to assign to a given job. With Field Fuse, your dispatcher can book appointments instantly, as well as choose the best technicians for the job based on proximity, skillset and availability.


It isn’t easy to plot out a day of work when there’s so much going on. How often do you tell the last customer of the day that their appointment must be postponed? Is it any surprise that these customers don’t call again the next time they need your services? A single delay at any point in a technician’s day will undoubtedly cause a chain reaction which can cause all sorts of other unexpected delays. One culprit is the combination of traffic and poorly plotted out daily routes. Salesforce Field Service’s dispatcher view helps your team pre-plan and navigate optimal routes with real-time traffic information and precise arrival times.


How hectic is your warehouse? Are you over-reliant on manual processes to keep track of everything? The busier things get, the more prone we are to human error. Your warehouse staff might have trouble keeping track of stock as the business grows and scales if they’re using a manual system. Missing inventory, loosely estimated costs and a lack of accountability are aggravating concerns for any warehouse manager. Field Fuse lets your team can track warehouse inventory and every vehicle’s stock through the same interface, as well as submit fast purchase orders to replace consumed items.


How much cash does your business allocate to lost items or rough estimates on cost? How much time is spent by how many people on reviewing the numbers and triple-checking spreadsheets? If you’re still working in paper-based systems, believe us: there is a better way. Imagine three or four accountants working together late into the night trying to figure out why their numbers don’t add up. Do their math skills improve or decline as an 8-hour day stretches into 9, 10 or 11 hours? Field Fuse allows your team to quickly cross-reference work orders against ERP data, then share that information. Every cent can be accounted for via an automated, easy-to-use interface.

If any of the above issues sound familiar, consider reaching out to one of our dedicated Salesforce experts. We’d be more than happy to help you find out if Field Fuse is right for your business.

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