SPEAKER: I feel like I am the priority.

– Good afternoon, thank you for calling asTech, this is Ashley.

ROB DAVIS: My name is Rob Davis, I’m the CIO for asTech, I’ve been here a little over a year. Just a great company to work for with tremendous growth. So there’s this change that’s happening in the automotive repair space, where the technology in the vehicles is taking a vertical ramp, which creates a complexity associated with the remote technicians capability to repair those vehicles.

asTech’s model is to be able to deliver a solution to the industry that provides the local shops the ability to remotely connect an OEM tool to ensure the car is fixed correctly. In the event that they don’t have the expertise to fix it, dispatch a mobile technician to that site to fix the car. Our role, really, is to ensure that vehicles coming out of a repair situation is safe and according to the OEM specs.

– My name is Erin Cambero, I’m VP of Operations for asTech. And my role in the company is everything field operations. asTech has brick and mortar locations in Plano, in Irving, in Jacksonville, in Las Vegas. So we have technicians that work in bricks and mortar. And then we have technicians that work in the field and their hands on cars.

– There are times in which we can’t service that need over the wire, connected over the internet. It requires somebody to go to the vehicle and touch the vehicle. So we’re expanding our mobile strategy, which is also a huge play within our Salesforce deployment through FSL, field service lightning.

DAN REINHEIMER: My name is Dan Reinheimer, I’m the CFO with asTech. I’ve been here since May of 2017, almost two years. I’m a big CRM person, and data is incredibly important, and sharing of that data is incredibly important. Because when I got here, it was numbers all over the place, and everybody’s making up their own numbers based on datas that they’re finding.

– The growth of the company and the expanse in this space within the industry was far outpacing the current system’s capabilities that we had in place. And so we realized right off the bat, we needed a more robust solution that would grow with us not only to support our current business models, but also our future business models, which include foreign and international objectives. And we know that there’s many ways that we can mess this up, to be honest with you. So I think meeting Nubik and understanding your experience, we knew that we could rely on you to do the heavy lifting, because we simply don’t have time.

– It does work. All right, that’s what I needed to know. So I’ll put a report together and get it your way.

– What that allows us to do is to take any OEM that you’re plugging the car into and connect you to the appropriate OEM tool. And then, the technicians remote to that tool and can perform the scan, and calibrations, and other activities that are necessary for the car to get it repaired very [INAUDIBLE].

– I started with QuickBooks and downloading into Excel. And then I would get nightly feeds from our operations system, which I still use today, which is an Excel sheet that’s 840,000 lines, so that I can create CRM information.

– So one of the things we looked hard at when we were picking the ERP solution was the volume. And they really came into two buckets. One was in the amount of invoices that we’re processing through our proprietary application, which at the time was around 2,000 invoices a day. Here we are about 6, 7 months later, and we’re about 4,000 invoices a day.

– We knew that we were approaching quickly a new solution.

– So we looked at a number of different ERP vendors, Salesforce was the winner in that process for a number of reasons.

– How do we partner with a company that can scale as quickly as we’re scaling? And that’s why we chose Salesforce.

ROB DAVIS: Nubik came to the table. One of the things that I liked about Nubik right off the bat was they came in and wanted to understand our business process flow less than the technology stack. Yes, you can see the front impact. But a lot of these cars have crumple zones that kind of proliferate through the car. So we went live first with the customer service and sales component of Salesforce as the first modules that we turned on.

That allowed our sales folks to start getting into Salesforce and documenting their sales calls and tracking customer activity combined with the customer service component, which allowed the sales folks to see what was going on with customer interactions. The next step of that was to start lighting up a field service lightning.

Field service lightning was our solution to eliminate five other programs that we had. We have more information now than we know how to interpret and take action on, which is a great problem to have.

– And then lastly, we lit up FinancialForce.

– This gave us the ability to have one platform, all the information that we needed in one area. And that’s huge.

– Our customers are already telling us our invoices are cleaner, our statements are cleaner. When they call the office, we pull up, and we know exactly, oh, we had a mobile technician that was there yesterday, how can I help you? That’s been amazing. Where we go from here is, we’ve launched it, we’ve implemented it, we’re training additional people on it. But now, it’s continuously improving. Not only do we rely on Nubik For customization, but we also rely on Nubik for education and understanding of the product.

– But we feel that Nubik can help us to really find all those gems and start implementing them. That’s why I think we’re only at the beginning of this.

– Let’s call this. So changing the shops [INAUDIBLE].

– We rely on Nubik to not only listen to our problems, but help us develop the right solution.

– I can say that it was surprisingly smooth how well the Nubik team was able to work in a remote fashion.

– We didn’t have a lot of wait time. And that was important, that’s very important because you’ve got to get this thing, you’ve got to keep it moving. And we found Nubik to be extremely responsive. And I think that’s one reason why we got to where we’re at. We’re on budget, so thank you very much, and basically on time.

– At asTech, we’re really excited about our future. I’m just as excited knowing that we have a solid platform in which to grow upon and a partner that’s really going to come alongside us, and make sure that that growth we’re implementing in a smart and effective way. And so that’s what I love about the Salesforce and financial force platform, and that’s what I love about the Nubik solutions.

– Everyone in the organization that I’ve invited into our meetings to help problem solve walks away saying, when can I talk to Nubik again? I don’t know how we would have done it without Nubik.



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