CHRISTIAN (VOICEOVER): I’m Christian from BIM One. I’m VP, Sales and Marketing, and I’m in charge of the business development of BIM Track. BIM One is a consulting company in the building information modeling industry. The acronym BIM comes from that. What we do is 3D modeling for the construction industry. We help architects, engineers, general contractors and owners deploy the new ways of doing projects, but we also have a software– software as a service platform to help the industry communicate better on projects.

When the company was founded in 2014, the two co-founders, Jimmy and Carl, wanted to have a tech company, so they started with consulting because that’s what they knew about. But now since our SaaS platform is growing very rapidly, we’re moving from a consulting company that does software to a software company more and more. And that’s where we needed platforms and tools to help us scale and grow the company.

– So we looked at different platforms and alternatives, but one thing we had to keep in mind is the scalability of that. That’s why at the time Salesforce– the Salesforce ecosystem was obvious to us. We needed and we wanted a platform that was safe, stable, reliable and that we can grow with it.

– For a SaaS company, we do volume. So we sell it by the numbers. So we need a process that is simple and is very easy for the customers. Before, we were doing our invoices manually. We had errors. They were going out late. Now there is no error in it because it was dealt with in advance. So the customer experience is greatly improved.

The process with Nubik was very great. We had some sessions at first where we talked about what we wanted and how it’s going to happen. And after that, we started implementing things in a test environment. And already things were happening very quickly, but they were exactly what we needed. So process was great, and the people were always available for any comments or any modifications, and they were implemented right away in the process, always documented with a great project management infrastructure and feedback.

So we plan on going in revenue recognition and other things like that to synchronize our platform even more with Salesforce and Nubik is going to be there to help us do that.

– We’re always happy to recommend Nubik. We’ve have had a good experience, and the relationship you have with the people you work with is very important, and it was flawless.


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