– This is the start of a long journey, actually. We’ve put in a footprint a foundation that allows the sharing of patient information that really improves the assessment process for clinicians.

– We knew what we wanted to achieve, we weren’t sure how to do that but working with Nubik, they were able to guide us to what that would look like.

– Our entire team is using Salesforce every single day, a lot. We are connected to it.

– Nubik was a great to help us get things configured initially with Salesforce. So it worked the way we wanted it to work.

– You think you’re doing something right when people are asking, how did you achieve the results you’ve achieved?

CLAIRE KEON: So my name is Claire Keon and I lead change management and communications for the provincial E-health program. The Ottawa Hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Canada and serves more patients than any other academic Health Sciences Center across the country.

The Ottawa Hospital is one of the lead partners on a provincial E-health program to contribute their patient health information to a provincial clinical data repository. We represent the northern and eastern region of Ontario so we work with many different stakeholders located throughout the province.

BRANT FARQUHARSON: I’m Brant Farquharson. I’m the Program Director for the implementation of Child Health record in the province of Ontario. We have three major work streams, one would be to ensure clinical information is in a common repository, provincial repository. Second one would be providing ease of access to that information. And thirdly, actually adopting the user base so that clinicians can actually see that data and actually be able to help their patients out directly in their clinical care setting.

– I work within the Champlain service delivery partner, bringing out electronic health records access to our health service providers. My purpose is to serve the client. And our clients are out there, they are desperate for this information that exists in the provincial records.

MICHAEL MARTINEUA: My name is Michael Martineau. I’m the Project Manager for a provincial electronic health record project. In this role, I track, analyze, and report on various project activities that are involved in this project. I have to keep track of about 6,000 project activities with a myriad of stakeholders involved. The thought of trying to do that on spreadsheets or some other manual processes is just overwhelming.

– So we needed a tool that was going to be able to help us organize all of that information.

– We needed some expertise, so that’s where we got are both iProduct and then Nubik as a service provider to help us implement it. We made a decision that all our materials would be in one spot, all our collaborative entails, all our evidences, all our business practices.

– Yeah, the value of Salesforce is really hard to put in dollars or numbers or days saved. We use chatter in multiple ways. Also the ability to do export reports into other formats.

– First and foremost, because we have so many stakeholders, collaboration was very important for the program and this tool allowed us to do that. They have one central source of truth to be able to access and get all the information that they need.

– The ability to have up to date information and to be sort of on the cusp of every change that happens, and being able to drill down and access real time data is really powerful. It has been such an invaluable tool.

– I know as a program director, I wasn’t looking to build a Salesforce expertise technical team, it was a configuration process. And take our requirements, configuring the solution as it was provided to us off the shelf really gave us the solution we needed.

– We would not have been able to accomplish this project in the time frame that we did, and with the results that we did without having Salesforce. And we would not have been able to get up running as quickly as we did without the assistance of Nubik. They came in, they understood our requirements, and in a very short period of time, we had something that was up and running when we get started with all the various stakeholders.

– Both Andrew and Luke supported us in defining how our Salesforce system was going to look and that support continued throughout the duration of the program.

BRANT FARQUHARSON: Others are looking at us now because we’ve put in a program that hasn’t existed this way in terms of tool management, such as Salesforce, to onboard with. And we’ve actually had other references and people are calling us to say how we’ve done it.

– I truly don’t know where we would be today if we didn’t have Salesforce supporting our program. And the expertise, knowledge, and positivity that Nubik brought made it an overall great experience.

– There’s no doubt now, having been through three years of this, that we chose the right partner for service integration with Nubik, we chose the right platform for Salesforce. And at the end of the day, we’ve actually helped to the providers and patients of Ontario for their clinical information needs.


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