MARC BAILLARGEON: Rotobec is a manufacturer of heavy equipment. We now sell in over 50 countries. We have hundreds of dealers on all continents, we service large companies. Last year was a record year for us, $131 million in revenues, 550 employees in three different factories.

YVES LAPOINTE: In 2022 up to now we’re running at a pace of 5000 orders that we will take throughout the year and considering that we will win roughly 20 to 25% of them, that’s more than 20,000 quotes.

AUDREY CAYOUETTE: We have about 370 different products and each product has  up to 20+ configurations.

YVES: So you multiply plus the options, I would say that you’re talking of tens of thousands of different possibilities.

AUDREY: We wanted to reduce the administrative time so that the client could have his order placed as soon as possible, so we don’t lose sales.

MARC: In the past, humans were typing product description pricing by hand, and I’d say once a year would have a typo on a price, which we would have to honor anyway, and we would lose money on the deal.

AUDREY: We realized that first the information was entered manually three times by  the administrative team, and it could be entered once by the sales rep. And then I started with the team to take a look at different solutions. We were already working with Salesforce before for all our CRM stuff, and I was looking at, okay, what can Salesforce do for me? How do we do quotes in Salesforce? And then I realized that we were not standardized in the way we name the products and stuff like that. And we really wanted to address that. And, I found CPQ.

MARC: Working with the Nubik team at Deloitte was extremely helpful. We were very impressed with their project management skills, things like Blitzing and agile project management.

MITCHELL XEPLATIS: The challenge with Rotobec was to map their product language into Salesforce CPQ product language. The way we achieved this was to first take a complex example of one of their products and map it out entirely ourselves to validate that we understood their business. The second step was to walk them through the process with a handful of products so that they could understand the system logic. After that, we provided them with templates so that they were able to maintain the system going forward as they gain new products and more complex examples in the future.

AUDREY: We had many results with Salesforce CPQ; we estimated that we save between 30 and 50 hours per week with our administrative team.

MARC: The best feedback I got from my team is that now they feel they are in full control of the process 100%.

YVES: That’s what Salesforce CPQ allowed us, is that when you build your quote from the start, if you get the right information,  right description, right pricing,  right discounts and everything, well, you’re limiting the risk of having to go over twice and three times on the same quote. So the workload has been drastically reduced.

MARC: The thing that impressed me the most about the consultants we worked with during this project was how quickly and efficiently they were able to map our quoting process, our sales process out. We thought it was a very complex project with different currencies, FOB points, rules, different countries, and they were really able to pinpoint what our processes are by asking us the right questions and get to the final result really quickly.

MARC: What makes me feel the most proud about Rotobec is we compete with the greatest in the world worldwide and we win.