DEREK THEXTON: We experienced a tremendous amount of growth in our company. We went from approximately $11 million in revenue to almost $80 million in revenue.

Since implementing Salesforce, we have been able to utilize the CRM itself to do many, many of our functions. Everything from invoices to the customers to our contracts in our sales program.

We had hit a dead end with what we could do with our current technology. And this is going to allow us to really propel into the future.

So it doesn’t just help with the efficiency of the company when it comes to the customers, when it comes to the coworkers, and when it comes to just quality of life at work. It’s actually increased profitability because we’re able to see it in real time and correct it in real time. So we don’t have a month’s worth of jobs that all fell into that bucket.

We can see the profitability of a job immediately. We’ve never had that capability before to be able to self-correct in real time.

The end result of what we have with Salesforce and Nubik is a system that we’re very, very proud of. What it’s going to allow us to do is scale the growth of our company. I think our people feel a whole lot better about coming to work every day knowing that they are using some of the most advanced technology available in the market today. And we’ve made that investment not only in the company, but also in them.