4 Industries Transformed By Field Service Management Software

Industries transformed by field service management software

4 Industries Transformed By Field Service Management Software

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has been introduced to many industries creating a new 4th Industrial Revolution. Industry 4.0 has many companies embracing a digital transformation in order to integrate automation into their operations and overcome modern challenges.

Field Service is a great example of new technology being leveraged to enhance business operations. Cloud connected artificial Intelligence is used to connect field personnel with the insights and action they need to operate efficiently and deliver a seamless customer experience.

With mobile availability, field service teams are able to be more reliable and productive and have access to the support they need when they need it. Here’s a look at four industries that can benefit from field service management software.

What Is Field Service Lightning and Why Should You Care?

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FSM Across Industries

The emergence of high-quality FSM software has transformed field resource management throughout a number of diverse industries. Four examples include:


  1. [Package] shipping enterprises have used these solutions to eliminate inefficiencies created by driving, thereby saving money on fuel and increasing driver productivity.
  2. For telecommunications companies, intelligent scheduling and vehicle tracking can result in fewer missed appointments and customer complaints.
  3. For engineering and construction firms, expensive machinery can be better tracked for maintenance needs, and job progress can be closely monitored thanks to instantly updated data points.
  4. Although health care isn’t the first industry people think of that uses FSM, there are many mobile doctors, nurses, and paramedics who benefit from the availability of accurate patient histories.

The advancements made possible by FSM software can create benefits for numerous different types of organizations, and companies in new industries will certainly continue to be exposed to these new possibilities.

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Field Service Lightning & The Customer

Ultimately, the decision to implement field service management comes down to its impact on the customer. Field service management software enables field service personnel to deliver a better, more personalized customer experience. With today’s technology, customers have evolved their expectations, and field service lightning is how you can meet and exceed those expectations.

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