9 signs that you need help with your PSA project (Part 1)

9 Signs That You Need Help With Your PSA Project Part 1

9 signs that you need help with your PSA project (Part 1)

You want to manage your employees, your clients, your projects and your finances from one single centralized application and are looking to purchase a PSA (Professional Services Automation) solution? Now that you are ready to take the leap and to start transitioning your professional service offerings towards Industry 4.0, a few nagging questions are keeping you up at night. You are no longer sure that you can implement this project successfully on your own while taking full advantage of your new software and avoiding costly mistakes. Don’t worry, here are a few tell-tale signs that will help you decide for yourself if, yes or no, you may need the help of a consultant to succeed with your new investment.

Sign #1: You have not been able to engage your employees

You may own the best system on the market, but if your personnel doesn’t use it, or only uses it piecemeal, you will not get anywhere.

Some of your employees have been with the company a long time; they are familiar with your current system and have mastered the tools they have at their disposal. However, suddenly you are asking them to embrace a new work tool and to change their ways. Even if they trust your management, it would be entirely within human nature to resist such a change. This phenomenon can be explained by individual factors such as the need for stability. In fact, the science of physics has shown that all body masses tend towards a minimal amount of energy.

Would you be able to overcome this resistance to change and to train your staff adequately?

Before they launch into an unprecedented training effort, your employees will want to understand how the system will save them time and spare them from repetitive tasks that don’t add value. A certified service partner will be able to convince them much quicker. Their consultants have the expertise and have developed robust and proven strategies. They can easily demonstrate the benefits of such a transition with the help of real cases studies that are similar to your circumstances. Your employees will be promptly persuaded.

This way, your staff will be on board and motivated, and everyone will be moving forward in the same direction, which will foster a climate of trust and cooperation within your company.

To learn more about resistance to change and other factors that can compromise the success of your CRM/ERP implementation project, read this article.

Sign #2: You cannot pinpoint accurately the amount of return on investment for your implementation project

Generally, when professional services organizations implement a PSA solution, the executives are looking for a boost in efficiency.

However, some fall into the trap of thinking that implementing this type of software will automatically increase profitability and/or sales. While this not entirely wrong, it’s not quite right either. The PSA tool will not do cold calls for you, nor will it provide you with a database containing millions of prospects.

The real value of a PSA solution resides in the ability to maximize your resources’ billable time. In the professional services industry, the proverb “time is money” takes on a whole new meaning.

This kind of solution will also give you the ability to meet and to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Your clients will be able to directly see the status of their orders and to quickly find answers to their questions. In fact, the interaction between stakeholders will be easier than ever.

Are you able to identify clearly and precisely your requirements for the optimization of your billable resources and for the improvements in customer satisfaction?

If you answered no, we strongly recommend hiring a consultant who is skilled in key process optimization within professional services organizations. Their team will support you throughout your implementation by helping you pinpoint the requirements of your project management team, in order to customize the PSA solution to reflect the reality of your business.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, you need to assess the costs of making implementation mistakes.

Sign #3: Your database contains bad or incomplete data

It is not unusual for many businesses to be unable to use or analyze their own databases because their information is inaccurate.

What is the point of owning the largest database in the industry if you are not able to take advantage of it?

Is your data reliable and complete? Are you sure it is good data? If your business is faced with this situation, we highly recommend calling in an expert.

A team of skillful consultants will know how to sort your data correctly from the start and can delete any incorrect or repetitive data. They can also help you implement effective strategies to avoid repeating this scenario in the future.

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By Hamza Ahmed-Fouatih

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