9 signs that you need help with your PSA project (Part 2)

9 Signs That You Need Help With Your PSA Project Part 2

9 signs that you need help with your PSA project (Part 2)

The true value of a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution lies in the opportunity to maximize your resources’ billable hours. When it comes to implementing this kind of system, several professionals may question whether they really need the help of a consultant to achieve a successful transition. To help them, we identified nine signs to consider before making a decision. In last week’s Part 1, we discussed the inability to engage the employees, the lack of certainty around the value of your return on investment for the implementation, and the risks associated with having bad or incomplete data in the database. Without further due, here are three more signs to help you make an informed decision.

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Sign #4: You don’t have the time

We have to mention that a PSA system prevents revenue losses and slow billing cycles. Indeed, the platform aligns the Finance, Sales and Services departments to give you a comprehensive 360-degree view of your business. This allows you to dispatch your staff more effectively across your various tasks and projects.

As far as the implementation is concerned, not only will your I.T. team need to learn the new work tool, they will have to continue maintaining their daily technical support services for your employees. They may also have to field special requests to customize or modify the PSA system.

Will your team know to set the right priorities to fulfill all these requests? Your I.T. staff may find themselves overwhelmed by all these new tasks and their agenda will be busier than ever.

To successfully implement PSA, you must appoint a selected team that will be dedicated to the project. This requires a thorough analysis and a critical thought process. Each member of this team will also need to be a proficient user of the PSA system and will be required to master it perfectly.

Thankfully, there is another option.

A consulting team can help you get started quickly so you can take advantage of your PSA system within days. The consultants will also see that your employees are trained adequately on the system and are sufficiently at ease to take it over. In addition, to ensure a successful migration of your financial systems to the Cloud, the consulting team will present a detailed deployment calendar providing you with a global view of the whole project.

Sign #5: You don’t have any in-house PSA expertise

Using Cloud-based solutions such as FinancialForce PSA is not difficult. It’s not rocket science and the platform is designed to be intuitive for the user. However, before you can benefit from the new system, it must first be configured to your needs and adapted to match your business reality. You must pay close attention to this step because it is one of the key factors for a successful implementation. To avoid very costly mistakes, everything has to be done perfectly and flawlessly, which leaves no room for errors.

Do your employees have the experience required to implement this type of solution?

Moreover, you will have to train your staff. Your I.T. team members could very well master the ins and outs of the PSA system, but they may not be able to share this know-how with the rest of the employees, or to train them appropriately so they can work independently and take full advantage of this technology.

Do you have good instructors within your I.T. team?

Sign #6: You are planning to integrate with other Salesforce tools in the near future

One of the benefits of the various Salesforce solutions is the fact that they can be used simultaneously. Before you write out your wish list, do you have a roadmap to put in place your choice of software?

The idea here is not to use as many technologies as possible, because some may not contribute anything to your operations. You have to be able to focus solely on the tools that will help you remain competitive and will benefit your business. You want to aim for quality rather than quantity.

A certified consultant will be able to recommend the right technologies and to implement them so they harmonize well with your PSA system. The goal is to improve your productivity and to optimize the outcomes of the new platform.

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By Hamza Ahmed-Fouatih