9 Signs That You Need Help With Your PSA Project (Part 3)

9 Signs That You Need Help With Your PSA Project Part 3

9 Signs That You Need Help With Your PSA Project (Part 3)

While it might be gratifying to achieve a new system implementation on your own within your organization, many businesses can’t really afford it. In most cases, for different reasons, even the largest technology or professional services companies turn to an experienced consultant to successfully implement their Professional Services Automation (PSA) system.

To continue my preceding two blog posts where I discussed the warning signs to consider when deciding whether or not to get help for your project, here is the third and last part of this trilogy. Let’s examine together whether it’s time for you to hire a certified consultant.

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It is critical for your business to have up-to-date customer data that is readily available. Not surprisingly, a number of businesses routinely make the mistake of cold-calling an existing customer because they think it’s a prospect. Imagine that particular customer’s reaction…

Customer data is strategic information that can greatly contribute to the improvement of your customer support and the growth of your sales. Professional services organizations that have opted for this solution report a year-over-year revenue increase averaging 143 %.

It is however possible to have and use more than one system within a professional services company, but these systems must be able to communicate with each other on an on-going basis. It would be extremely time-consuming to maintain different systems manually using traditional methods, which would in turn impact your productivity. The risk of introducing errors when the data is copied is high and it is more that likely that some of the information will be forgotten or lost in the process.

Save yourself time and money by revisiting the interfaces within your PSA system with the help of a certified consultant. You can then be certain that all your information is reliable and up-to-date.



Your new solution should not be dictating your business processes. It’s quite the opposite – it should streamline and complement your existing workflows.

Unfortunately, some managers attempt to design their processes based on the software. Do you share that belief? If the answer is yes, you should know that the system is meant to help you accomplish your daily work and to enhance your productivity and efficiency, by automating various tasks and by providing key information stored in a central repository that is always available.

If you are still planning to take a different course of action, you should expect a very low productivity level from your staff who will be forced to adapt to a new software and to start over from scratch. FinancialForce PSA is designed to simplify time entry tasks by your employees so you can have a comprehensive view of the status of your current expenses, invoices and on-going projects.

Your consultant will know how to set up your new system to make it work for the benefit of your employees, and can customize it to their way of working by streamlining the processes rather than changing everything or making their job more difficult.



Did you know that a failed implementation within the organization will also be felt by your clients and suppliers? It can have a negative and detrimental impact on the customer experience resulting from faulty information exchange. Your PSA solution is supposed to provide you with tools to share with your customers critical information regarding their current projects.

Did the integration meet your initial expectations? Are you able to quantify or visualize your return on investment? As discussed in the section on Sign #2, you should be able to calculate the profitability of your implementation project.

If however you are still not seeing any progress and your customer support is experiencing signs of increasing customer dissatisfaction, you would be wise to review your implementation. A certified consultant will be able to help you refocus quickly by conducting a review of all your processes in order to identify and overcome your current gaps.

With over 16 years of experience and more than 700 successful projects under its belt, Nubik has built a solid and flawless reputation in North America. We should mention that our company is an official PSA solution partner and is recommended by FinancialForce.

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Here is a video testimonial of the successful PSA implementation achieved by DISHER with the help of Nubik.