The Advantages of Working From Home

working from home

The Advantages of Working From Home

Many people will tell you that remote working is the way to go. There are just as many who are all too happy to underscore the disadvantages. Which one is it? Is there a way to balance and enjoy the benefits while mitigating the disadvantages?

In this sense, Nubik is a laboratory, constantly in evolution, we have adapted and continue to refine what it means to work from home. There are some obvious benefits that come to mind when we think about working from home: for example savings on gas, not to mention time spent commuting, freedom and autonomy. But there is way more to it, and it is these that contribute to Nubik’s success.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages for the Employee:

  • Work-life balance
  • Optimization of working hours
  • Distraction reduction and inter-office movement
  • Proximity and accessibility of colleagues

For the Company

  • Ability to integrate offshore experts
  • Greater geographic coverage of customers
  • Increased productivity

Work-life Balance

The concept is often discussed, but it is not easy to achieve. In an era where both partners hold down full time jobs, and children are in the home, the challenge can be extreme. How can one offer the best to their family while investing in their career?

This right here is possibly the #1 advantage to be emphasized when working from home: On the condition that the employee listens to the needs of his or her own family! If the priority is set as the family then the time saved from commuting to and from the office should be granted to the family, overall improving quality of life. Moreover, the flexibility of working from home means you can organize your schedule to accommodate your family, for example picking up children after school, even if it means allocating time in the morning or evening to put in the hours necessary for work.

Optimization of working hours

Along the way, the workday was recognized as being from 9am to 5pm. This concept assumes that all individuals are identical, and are also effective on this time slot. Is this really the case?

To ask the question, is to answer it. Obviously the ranges of concentration and productivity vary widely between individuals. Many people succumb to mid-afternoon fatigue benefitting instead from a burst of energy either early in the morning or late in the evening. Why not take advantage of it then? It makes sense to tap into this productivity in non-traditional time slots, rather than force them to work when they are not at their best.

Increased productivity/Distraction reduction and inter-office movement

It is quite easy to fall into friendly conversations throughout the day with your colleagues, only to realize that valuable time has been wasted.

This is not to diminish the importance of these escape times, on the contrary! These times are quite necessary, and are optimal … when planned!

In a typical office environment, these distractions can occur at any time and disturb the concentration of individuals. Conversely, teleworking allows the individual to focus and concentrate on his or her tasks, and then take downtime when they need it.

Proximity and accessibility of colleagues

This advantage may at first seem curious, but tools like Sococo and other technologies give us a snapshot into the availability of our colleagues, and even our customers. At a glance, it is possible to check if someone is in the office, without having to go up several floors or peek into meeting rooms.

With one click, we are now face-to-face! It is fascinating to see how being physically distant can actually bring us closer together.

Ability to integrate offshore experts

Working with offshore experts is not new. Depending on the needs, the best person for the job is not always in the same city: they may be in another province, state or even country! The problem is, however, this colleague is often isolated, and therefore not given equal opportunity to participate in the decision-making process.

What is interesting about a telecommuting company is the ability to better integrate these experts. They find themselves on an equal footing with their colleagues, accessible in the same way as everyone else. So in a sense, we are more committed with all team members, regardless of their location.

Greater geographic coverage of customers

It goes without saying, integrating people living in remote areas means we can get coverage outside of the office location that would be otherwise difficult to access or costly to operate.

Suddenly, opening an office in a new urban center is simply a matter of finding and hiring the right person, rather than finding a physical location. Then even your customers have instant access to local resources.


Obviously, nothing is perfect, but as a company that continues to invest and innovate in work-life balance, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that good management of remote teams can bring immense benefit both to the team, and to the company. Whether it is productivity, flexibility, accessibility or profitability, everyone can benefit from it!

Written by Alexandre Boyer, VP Operations

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