Annie’s ONENubik Story


Annie’s ONENubik Story

Annie Chiasson is a Project Manager with Nubik. She discusses her volunteer experience with ONENubik.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been a volunteer mentor for Parrainage Civique du Haut Richelieu, a local branch of Parrainages civiques du Québec. This organization matches mentors with children living with an intellectual disability, who have autism spectrum disorder, or who have a physical disability, to help them fully integrate into society.

I’ve been mentoring a fantastic girl, Valérie, who has Down’s Syndrome. We get together once a month and do all sorts of fun things. I find I receive so much more than I give! Valérie helps me to appreciate the small moments in life and understand that despite our differences, we all have the same needs and goals. I, in turn, try to apply her teachings in interactions with my friends and family, and pass on my experience to others.

I’m currently involved in the Ocsober challenge (October – sober) for youth involved with the Grand Chemin project. The Centre helps kids who are struggling with addictions, for example alcohol or even video games! I’m doing my bit by abstaining from alcohol during the month of October 2017.

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