Are You Happy at Work?

Are You Happy at Work

Are You Happy at Work?

Author: Alexandre Boyer – VP Operations – Nubik

You probably know that Nubik is a company that operates in a virtual environment. Every single one of our employees works from home. When we’re chatting with folks from outside the company, their first instinct is to say, “I could never work from home.”

Despite our physical distance from each other, we are often closer to our colleagues than those in other workplaces. Does real happiness at work come from being able to see each other in person, and being able to reach out to touch one another? It’s a complex equation, that’s not easy to boil down to this one factor.

Here are a few elements which we believe are essential to happiness at work and professional fulfillment:


At the end of the day, ideally each of us has the feeling that we’re developing both professionally and personally. Obviously, everyone is inspired by different challenges and activities. It’s important, then, that we have tasks we find fulfilling.

Ask yourself the question: what is it that really gets me engaged about my work? Most organizations have challenges enough for all of us. If your real passion, the one that stimulates and also improves your organization’s performance, isn’t what you’re doing at the moment, then it’s up to you to ask for a change.


Working together helps us feel good – whether it’s feeling good about being able to help a colleague who’s stuck, or asking for help and getting a hand when we need it.

Keep in mind that first and foremost, a company is the sum of its parts – its employees. The more they stick together, the stronger the group. But above all, knowing that you have support in times of need is priceless.


In all areas of life, success breeds success, and with this comes happiness! If the products that you’re creating or the projects you’re working on are successful, its likely then that you will be enthusiastic about going to work.

In short, if you’re looking for work, be on the lookout for a growing business that enjoys a good reputation. Chances are good that you’ll find a happy work atmosphere.

Employee recognition

Do you feel like your employer recognizes your worth? Do you get kudos for a job well done? When you do a good job, you rightly feel proud. When your achievements are mentioned by your peers and by management, it enhances your feeling of accomplishment, and makes you even happier of being part of your organization.

…and respect

Last but not least, do you feel like the organization listens to your opinions? Are you consulted prior to big decisions that might impact the organization? Of course, not every decision can be run by every employee, but if you’re active in your organization, your ideas deserve at the least to be heard and considered (as long as they’re not too far-fetched!)

Happiness is a personal state that is influenced by many factors. For sure, we’re all going to have days and even weeks when being at work is not a thrill. And when that’s the case, take a step back and take in the longer term, and the big picture. Overall, are you happy?

Ask yourself whether:

  • You’re stimulated
  • You work in a collaborative, team-oriented workplace
  • You and your company are successful
  • You’re recognized as an employee
  • You’re respected

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