B2B businesses have traditionally adopted technology slower than their B2C counterparts. This is changing quickly, however, as more and more customers expect simpler cloud-based solutions and a superior Customer Experience (CX), both of which Salesforce B2B Commerce can provide. Many of the early attempts made...

By Junaid (Jay) Ikram - Business Solutions Architect - Nubik Certified AWS and Salesforce Consultant, specializing in Genesys, Amazon Connect, and Sales/Service Cloud platform… In meeting rooms around the world, one question persists: how do we improve the customer experience? Call centers have traditionally been perceived as...

In this article, my goal is to help Salesforce administrators understand an organization’s business, identify the inherent issues, and deliver solutions to drive sales. The process begins with the BPR (business process review) and ends with happy users. As a Salesforce administrator, you have to wear...

How do you know if smart manufacturing will really work for your manufacturing company? Here’s an overview of the key metrics impacted by smart manufacturing, real ROI examples, and how you can embrace your own digital transformation.
The manufacturing industry has been faced with an opportunity to shift manufacturing operations.  The questions: Should we get on board with Industry 4.0? How do we do that? The answers: Definitely! Implement artificial intelligence (AI) tools for manufacturers. Early adoption of AI software and tools will give manufacturing companies a competitive edge. Here’s a look at some of the solutions to enable efficient manufacturing operations and decision making.
The Field Service Management market is predicted to see enormous growth in the next few years. Software, like Field Service Lightning, can revolutionize how a company operates its field service team, and the software impacts everyone involved in the field service process.
  • The Company - Field Service Management Software can improve operations and provide more efficient business processes from a dispatching and scheduling perspective. Field service managers can plan better and oversee effective communications.
  • The Technicians - With the right field service software, technicians can have everything they need at their fingertips, improving visibility and productivity; work order details, time tracking, tech support, part orders and more.
  • The Customer - Improvements for the company and technicians only help to improve the overall customer experience.  With software to improve planning, communication, and service plans, the customer gets a seamless experience.
So why is the field service market expected to grow so much? Here’s a look at the reasoning behind this prediction.
Manufacturing companies that are embracing the 4th industrial revolution and seeing the benefits of a digital transformation. New manufacturing technology is enabling manufacturing operations to become more efficient, more competitive and more lucrative. There’s no doubt about it; technology is a main driving factor in the manufacturing industry. Here’s a look at some of the ways technology is impacting the industry.