Every business, regardless of industry, has to focus on marketing its brand and services to existing and potential customers. Technology and powerful CRM software has enabled marketing and sales team to work together in a more efficient manner. Leading CRM cloud-based business solutions, such as Salesforce, can help you improve your relationship with current and prospective customers. Here are 5 ways you can enhance and refine your business operations with a CRM program.
Investing in technological innovations is crucial for manufacturing success in 2020. That means incorporating digital solutions along your supply chain and the production line. A digital transformation of your manufacturing processes can help you excel in the 4th industrial revolution and gain a competitive edge. Here’s a look at some of the technologies that can help evolve your supply chain.
The manufacturing industry is going through a shift as many companies embrace a digital transformation. Luckily, Salesforce and ERP solutions, such as Rootstock, make it easier for companies to plan, allocate resources, and take action to meet changing business needs. This isn’t the first time industry has had to adapt to rapid change. The financial crisis in 2008 forced manufacturers to adjust systems and operations to be more flexible. Ford Motor Company is credited with reorganizing their strategic operations in 10 key areas, which have also been adopted by other large companies and treated as a guide to operations management.  Here are the 10 key areas any company should focus on when reviewing operations management:

Manufacturing businesses should always be looking at ways to increase their profits. This can be done by increasing sales as well as cutting expenses. One of the first places to start is an end-to-end view of your manufacturing operations, inventories, supply chain and finances. And...

One of the many benefits of integrating Salesforce technologies into your business is that they allow for more efficient business operations. One way you can improve your operations is by implementing automation to decrease the time spent on repetitive tasks. As you’ll see as you read on, automation can impact the way companies communicate, collect and use data, and it plays a large role in increasing efficiency in lead management.

Hello all ! This year’s Dreamforce session had a lot to give to its mega community of Salesforce professionals. I was fortunate to be part of this unique one-week experience and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts, first, and of course my...

There’s no doubt about it; there’s a shift taking place in the field service industry. As many employees are retiring, new workers are joining, and technology is helping companies reimagine their field service operations. With all these changes, there’s one thing that should be a top priority: customer service. Your customers shouldn’t be impacted by changes in your company. In fact, with new technology like Field Service Lightning, their experience should only be improved! A study conducted on connecting satisfaction with next-generation field service technologies found that 67% of field service companies rank customer service as a top two priority. Keep reading to learn more about the findings.