One of the many benefits of implementing a powerful CRM system, like Salesforce, is the ability to provide structure to your service and sales teams, and improve efficiency. Along with automating sales, lead management and customer service processes, a Salesforce consultant can set you up with a CRM system that can play a role in your overall customer journey. Here’s a look at how a customer journey mapping and a CRM can come together to create a powerful system for your organization.
Having a strong relationship with your customers is key to long-term business success. That’s why it’s important to consistently be revising and improving customer service. PSA software can help you provide the best customer service experience, and make sure your customers don’t get left out while your team is busy growing your business. On top of the right PSA software, ensure your customer service team has the right skill set to get the job done. Here are 6 ways you can improve your team’s customer service skills.
The manufacturing industry is adding increasing emphasis on digitization of processes and the need for skilled workers. New data-driven software and technologies, such as cloud ERP solutions, are helping manufacturing companies become more agile, innovative, and competitive. The Manufacturing Leadership Council has outlined a number of critical issues to help manufactures towards a successful journey to Manufacturing 4.0. Here’s a look at Factories of the Future.
It’s the 2020s and there’s no reason for your field service technicians to be working on a service island. That is, they shouldn’t feel stranded, without the right information to complete a task. The latest technology enables your team to be connected to insights, customer data, your team and much more. Set your team up for a decade of success with Field Service Lightning. Here are the key features and benefits.

As part of the Spring 2020 (CPQ v224) release, a change to the formula field on the Price Action object will be implemented. Percent values in Price Action Formula will need to be a decimal value. Ex.: 50% would currently be 50 and will need to...

When you have a smooth-running system, you may not have a lot of motivation to change how you’re operating. But, what if making a small change could lead to BIG opportunities? By moving ERP to the cloud, with Rootstock cloud ERP, manufacturing organizations can improve productivity and open their businesses up to more revenue potential.
It’s the start of a new year and a new decade, which means manufacturing companies have their sight set on industry trends and developments that can help them grow. The following 10 manufacturing trends have a common thread woven through them: smart technology. Making the shift to smart manufacturing means your company can improve quality, reduce production time and save money. Rootstock ERP is a great place to start. Get ready for 2020 and the decade to follow.
Customer service is a crucial component of any business. It can make or break how connected your customer feels to your brand. That’s why your first line, your field service personnel, need to be equipped with everything they need to deliver a seamless customer experience. Here’s a look at the rising cost of poor customer service and how you can leverage technology to provide a great experience for your customers.