As we enter a new year, many manufacturing companies are looking at how they can further embrace the digital revolution and continue to overcome growth challenges. Our recommendation is to build a key foundation for smart manufacturing with Rootstock ERP, software that leverages the Salesforce platform to provide you with a complete end-to-end view of your manufacturing operations. Gartner released findings from a recent survey in which CEO’s looked for ways to sustain business growth. Here are the findings.
Is your company struggling to find a great CRM or ERP fit? As a Certified Salesforce Partner, we’re happy to fit companies from a variety of industries with the right cloud-based solutions. An ERP system should help keep your operations running smoothly...not give you a headache. Your ERP system may not be working for you for a number of reasons:
Internet of Things (IoT) technology has been introduced to many industries creating a new 4th Industrial Revolution. Industry 4.0 has many companies embracing a digital transformation in order to integrate automation into their operations and overcome modern challenges. Field Service is a great example of new technology being leveraged to enhance business operations. Cloud connected artificial Intelligence is used to connect field personnel with the insights and action they need to operate efficiently and deliver a seamless customer experience. With mobile availability, field service teams are able to be more reliable and productive and have access to the support they need when they need it. Here’s a look at four industries that can benefit from field service management software.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful element companies can leverage to improve business operations. It makes it possible for machines to learn and adjust based on experience and information. In some cases, AI enables machines to perform human-like tasks. In other cases, AI can enhance operations and make enable personnel to be more effective in their tasks. Field Service Lightning is a prime example of the latter.
Garter Inc. uses its Magic Quadrant to produce visual snapshots and in-depth reports on a number of markets in order to generate market trends and competitive analysis. Using two criteria (completeness of vision and ability to execute), vendors are rated and scored, providing each vendor a position in one of the four quadrants. This year, in the Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management, Salesforce was positioned higher up and to the right based on the ability to execute and completeness of its vision.

Salesforce has put security at the heart of its plan for the upcoming year. The World’s #1 CRM leading company has also announced two new features during Dreamforce 2019; Data Mask and Permission Set Groups. Here's an overview. 1) Salesforce Data Mask We hear more and more...

Salesforce Field Service Lightning allows you to optimize your workforce. This field service solution leverages your Service Cloud data to aid dispatchers, mobile workers and managers in delivering the best customer service. 5 Key Features of Salesforce Field Service Lightning 1. Work Order Management With Salesforce Field Service...

Every organisation has a unique set of field service capabilities and challenges, but the industry is seeing trends that each organisation has in common. From a greater demand for cloud-based software, like Field Service Lightning, to sustainability initiatives, here are expectations of the field service industry heading into 2020.
The 4th Industrial Revolution is characterized by disruptive technologies that are transforming the way industries operate. Companies getting on board with this 4.0 revolution are seeing just how technology can improve the way they work. Previously, we wrote about how manufacturing companies can improve their business operations by adopting cloud technologies. Here’s a deeper look at how cloud technology and services are driving modern business success.