New technology makes its way into every industry, offering the opportunity for more effective business operations and growth. As a Certified Salesforce Partner, we’ve seen how new technology can transform and improve a company’s operations processes. Whether you’re focused on productivity, customer service or data insights to drive growth, technology can change the way your company operates.
Customer service is no longer a one-channel communication method; it’s woven across many digital channels and throughout your company. To ensure your customer service experience is consistent and effective, ensure you are using Professional Services Automation (PSA customized to the needs of your business. Your customer service quality and efforts can be reflected in your sales, so make sure you are doing everything you can to create the best experience for your customers. Here are some ways you can further develop your customer service.
Changes in the manufacturing industry have brought both challenges and new digital transformation trends. One of the new technology trends is manufacturing ERP software which has made it easier for manufacturing companies to manage their business operations and resources. But first, they need to know what their resources are. Which leads to one of the challenges facing the manufacturing industry: a labour shortage.
Some of the most important data your company holds is information on your leads. Details on your prospective customers is crucial to your marketing and sales teams. So how do you leverage that data? First, it’s crucial that you have a strategy in place to manage your data, and understand which data is most valuable to your company. From a lead management perspective, this data can be used to determine who your company should focus on and where time and effort needs to be allocated so you can be the most efficient with your budget.Lead management software can help you organize your data and be more efficient with your business processes. Here’s a look at how the right lead management software can help you stay on top of your data.
  Industry 4.0 conversations are happening as often as innovations are popping up; a lot. Companies are looking to adapt to the 4.0 ways with manufacturing software to help them keep up with evolving industry trends and new technologies. If you’re not sure how Industry 4.0 could impact your company, it’s time to find out.   Here’s an introduction to the digitization of manufacturing.

Everybody is talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution these days. However, only a few seem to understand how to translate the promises of Industry 4.0 into tangible benefits. As a manufacturer, you have most likely already faced one or several of these challenges: Distribution channels and profit...

The Canadian manufacturing sector reached new heights last year, with sales totaling 55 billion dollars (according to Statistics Canada 2018). Not only is the market growing very rapidly thanks to globalization and new technologies which are making production and shipping much easier, but the number of...