Field Service

The Field Service Management market is predicted to see enormous growth in the next few years. Software, like Field Service Lightning, can revolutionize how a company operates its field service team, and the software impacts everyone involved in the field service process.
  • The Company - Field Service Management Software can improve operations and provide more efficient business processes from a dispatching and scheduling perspective. Field service managers can plan better and oversee effective communications.
  • The Technicians - With the right field service software, technicians can have everything they need at their fingertips, improving visibility and productivity; work order details, time tracking, tech support, part orders and more.
  • The Customer - Improvements for the company and technicians only help to improve the overall customer experience.  With software to improve planning, communication, and service plans, the customer gets a seamless experience.
So why is the field service market expected to grow so much? Here’s a look at the reasoning behind this prediction.

Field service industries leverage new technology to evolve and improve operational efficiency. Field service Technology such as Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a valuable solution for companies looking to enhance their business operations. With the use of the right field service technology, companies are able to...

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There’s no doubt about it; there’s a shift taking place in the field service industry. As many employees are retiring, new workers are joining, and technology is helping companies reimagine their field service operations. With all these changes, there’s one thing that should be a top priority: customer service. Your customers shouldn’t be impacted by changes in your company. In fact, with new technology like Field Service Lightning, their experience should only be improved! A study conducted on connecting satisfaction with next-generation field service technologies found that 67% of field service companies rank customer service as a top two priority. Keep reading to learn more about the findings.
It’s the 2020s and there’s no reason for your field service technicians to be working on a service island. That is, they shouldn’t feel stranded, without the right information to complete a task. The latest technology enables your team to be connected to insights, customer data, your team and much more. Set your team up for a decade of success with Field Service Lightning. Here are the key features and benefits.