Your CRM Should Be Fun!

Your CRM Should Be Fun!

Your CRM Should Be Fun!

CRM systems are seen as tools that provide structure to sales and service teams and help their efficiency. This makes sense since that’s really a CRM system’s primary function. But Salesforce, or any other CRM system for that matter, can and should also be used as a tool to engage and motivate your teams. You can also use it to share your teams’ successes and to implement practices that make team members feel valued. Here are a few ideas to help make your CRM even more engaging.


As the saying goes, a healthy mind goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body. Since healthy minds achieve healthy results, businesses have a vested interest in supporting physical activity. How does your CRM system fit in? It’s simple:

  • Form teams
  • Create an object to enter exercise time on a daily basis
  • May the best team winvotre crm doit etre amusant Nubik Blogue

Cue healthy competition between teams! Simple yet fun!


Several not-for-profit organizations use Salesforce to manage donations. Why not use a similar concept internally? Giving to charity is the right thing to do; all the more reason to share donation information among employees and celebrate those who give. Whether your employees give time or money, you can build a simple object to enter donations in cash or in kind. Then, once a month, you can share the information to a public group and thank the three top donors of the month!


votre crm doivent etre amusant Blogue Nubik.caOne of the things Facebook does best is generating a tidal wave of love on birthdays. But most people aren’t Facebook “friends” with their colleagues, meaning that coworkers’ birthdays can go unnoticed. A simple “Happy Birthday” can make someone’s day. Why not replicate FB’s birthday feature on your CRM system? It’s simple: enter your team members’ birthdays, set up a simple share command, and voila! Your birthday greeting is broadcast. No more forgotten birthdays!


Share successes through communication tools like Chatter, for example. Whether it’s sales achievements, team certifications, glowing client reviews or projects delivered, celebrate it all! Jump on every opportunity to shine a spotlight on your teams and colleagues.


There are so many other ways to have fun with a CRM system, and we haven’t even mentioned the thank-you badges or the ideas box. There are 1,001 ways to make Salesforce engaging!

Have fun!

By Alexandre Boyer, VP Operations at Nubik

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