Customer Experience From a Flawless Service: Salesforce FSL

Customer Experience From a Flawless Service Salesforce FSL

Customer Experience From a Flawless Service: Salesforce FSL

By Jennifer Hickey, Salesforce Consultant

Who hasn’t heard about the 4th industrial revolution? At its core lies the customer experience. This experience disrupts all areas of business, from the marketing approach, through the experience of the sales process all the way to after-sales service. To continue to grow, businesses must self-evaluate and find ways to stand out from the competition.

In this post, we are going to focus in particular on the after-sales service experience. Especially businesses that have field service operations involving service technicians.

The best advertising is a happy customer, so the question is very simple: How do we ensure smooth operations and offer a level of client service that goes above and beyond?

Clearly, there’s not one single miracle solution; many factors can come into play. However, the technological underpinnings of the service must be solid. That’s why Salesforce Field Service Lightning now exists.

Let’s see how this tool can meet the challenges of a service organization

Efficient scheduling…

How many of you have had the unpleasant experience of having to wait all day for a delivery, because the delivery person would be there “between 9 am and 5 pm.” Aren’t there more efficient ways to manage work orders? Do we have to place the onus for this decision on the service people, and leave customers in the dark?

Obviously, it is possible to do better. Scheduling and route management is at the very heart of FSL. Not only will these efficiency gains give your organization better press, but they will probably allow you to process more work orders per day!

When managing requests, FSL takes into account several variables. Everything is analyzed: specialized equipment requirements, specialized experts, short response times, complex schedules, and large territories to cover. And since the unforeseeable can always arise, the option to schedule an appointment in “emergency” mode is also available.

schedule Salesforce

… and the routes

Gone are the routes in a “W” shape or, even worse, the execution of work orders in alphabetic order. FSL’s optimization engine lets you optimize time spent on tasks versus time spent on travel. It takes into consideration your various constraints, like the prioritization of tasks, or even the grouping of far-flung appointments.

routes : prioritization of tasks

Centralized data

Yes, it is possible to create a work order directly from a Salesforce request. It couldn’t be easier! Everything is connected, smooth and centralized.

centralized data

Since everyone in an organization is responsible for service, it makes sense to have a centralized tool that makes it not only easy to manage assignments and exchanges related to work orders, but also to track progress. Thanks to the Salesforce platform, a sales team can follow different support issues and communicate with clients with the benefit of full operational awareness.

Since Salesforce is the number one customer experience platform, your mobile teams will also be able to seize new opportunities efficiently.

Measuring individual and company performance

Increased efficiency is a laudable goal. Being aware of it is yet another! Since improvement occurs through an in-depth analysis of results, the second goal is worth its weight in gold.

For businesses that work mostly in hard copy, compiling statistics is arduous, if not impossible. With FSL, these reports are at your fingertips! It’s so easy to check individual performance, performance by territory, by expertise…and to adjust as required!

Measuring individual and company performance

The mobile app’s advantages

To conclude, we definitely can’t forget to mention all the benefits that come with using FSL’s mobile app.

  • Displays the map with navigation to the address of the appointment.
  • Displays the contact’s name and photo. Provides the option to call, text message or email the contact
  • Provides the maintenance history of an asset. Displays a list of interventions for the same asset at the appointment
  • Displays feeds to collaborate using Chatter
  • Provides information associated with the work order

mobile app

FSL is at your company’s service

We’ll sum up by saying that FSL allows for huge efficiency improvements for a support department, from acquisition, to assignment, implementation, measurement and optimization.

In our quickly changing world, no need to repeat that customer experience is the key to success. Happily, this customer experience can now rely on Salesforce FSL!

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