Customer Service Success Consulting

Customer Service Success Consulting

Customer support and service has never been more critical, and is an integral part of the product experience, playing a critical role in building your customer base, your reputation and your success.

At the same time, the possible contact points with customers has grown from the traditional phone and email to include chat, online forums and communities, and social media, adding complexity to your service practices and bringing new technological challenges.

The Nubik Customer Service Success Program is designed to help your organization develop, implement and maintain the highest levels of customer support and service.

Focused on technology companies, the Nubik Customer Service Success Program delivers world-class consulting services for:

  • Assessment of Customer Service
  • Design and implementation of enhanced service strategy, process and management
  • Coaching and training for management and staff

With experienced, expert consultants, Nubik brings industry best practise, deep technological knowledge and practical business savvy to the task of helping your organisation overcome the challenges of delivering and maintaining high-quality customer support services.


Nubik’s Five Foundations of Service Success:

  • A vision and strategy of service that reflects corporate values, and has measurable and achievable objectives.
  • Know your customer expectations and how you are meeting and exceeding them.
  • Use technology that serves your customers, your service staff, service management and your executive team.
  • Develop and manage your human capital with hiring and training policies that attract and develop excellence in every interaction with your customers.
  • Design and implement process and procedure that support your goals, with measures and metrics that show how you reach them.

The Nubik Customer Service Success Program consists of a series of activities and workshops, as follows:

Alignment of Corporate objectives, service objectives, and service strategy

This is a review of the explicit and implicit corporate objectives, service objectives and service strategy and a critical analysis of how and where they do and do not align.

Business process alignment                                                             

This is a review of those business processes that intersect with customer service activities and processes, including sales and marketing, engineering, accounting.

Customer relationship management

This is an in-depth review of all customer contact points (phone, email, chat, social media etc.) and will examine case handling, escalation, exception, and complaint resolution.

Service Organization structure

This is a review of the service organization structure, examining the effectiveness and use of tiered support and service, interactions with other business areas (sales, marketing, engineering , accounting), service management and responsibilities reporting.

Operational metrics

This is a review the existing operational metrics for service activity, including case resolution times and rates, agent productivity, customer satisfaction and others.

Training and staff management

This is a review of hiring and staff training, including job descriptions, on-boarding, continued mentoring and performance reviews.

Which each step, you will receive an executive summary and a detailed review that gives you a clear snapshot of your current company pain points and areas to improve.

Based on the outcome of the assessment, Nubik consultants will engage in the design and implementation of enhanced service strategy, process and management. We will then lead a series of workshops/clinics to create a service vision and strategy that leads you to success. That includes ensuring that customer service processes and procedures map to your stated vision and strategy, support your staff and management in their day-to-day activities, and intersect efficiently with other areas of the business.

Nubik consulting services and expertise are not limited Salesforce and FinancialForce implementations. We are invested in having all the moving parts of your company operating at peak-performance. Contact us to have us start working with you towards your success.