Day-to-Day Challenges Faced By Field Service Technicians

challenges faced by field service technicians

Day-to-Day Challenges Faced By Field Service Technicians

Life in the shoes of a field service technician can change from day-to-day. The role has its benefits, including interacting with customers and getting to meet new people, feeling a sense of accomplishment when a problem is solved and the job is done, learning new information, working in an ever-changing work environment, and much more.

But like most jobs, it can have it’s challenges. Here’s a look at common challenges field service personnel are faced with and a solution for each pain point.

Challenge: Not Having Everything On Hand To Complete A Job

Field service personnel are the first line of customer service, being face-to-face with customers on a daily basis. In order to deliver the best customer experience, they need to be prepared with everything they need to properly complete a job.

How Field Service Lightning Can Help

Field Service Lightning software empowers mobile field personnel with real-time work order updates, plus connects them to support agents who can remotely solve customer issues if needed. With this software, field service personnel are fully supported and enables to complete a job.

Challenge: Working Alone

Being out in the field can be isolating at times. Travelling from site to site, field service technicians may lack the company camaraderie they’re craving.

How Field Service Lightning Can Help

Field service management software connects field service personnel to dispatchers, managers and more, giving them always-on communication with their team. Not only can they communicate with others, but they can also feel confident that they have the support of their team behind them on every job.

Challenge: Communication With Customers

Customers have questions. They also have their own busy lives. Answer questions and communicating with customers can be a challenge for busy field service personnel.

How Field Service Lightning Can Help

With Field Service Lightning, mobile field personnel can answer customer queries from anywhere, update work orders, and keep the job moving along while they’re on the go.

Challenge: Obtaining the Right Parts

It’s inefficient to get to a job and not have the right parts. No one knows this better than the field service technician on-site. It can hold up a job and reflect poorly on the customer’s experience.

How Field Service Lightning Can Help

Field personnel can ensure they have the right parts before getting to a job. The software enables them to review service history and research equipment and parts in advance. Plus they can order parts on-site if needed.

Challenge: Completing a Job & Staying On Schedule

The goal is to complete a job on the first visit, but without the proper tools and support, this isn’t always the case. It can be frustrating to have to revisit a job or get behind schedule.

How Field Service Lightning Can Help

Dispatchers can use the software to schedule field service personnel to specific jobs based on their unique skills and experience, location and more.

Help your field service team overcome their challenges. With Field Service Lighting you can deliver seamless customer experiences, enhance productivity at the customer site, and deploy and manage your field assets intelligently. Learn more about Salesforce Field Service Lightning.


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