Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences With an AI-Assistant

deliver personalized customer experiences with an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, Salesforce Einstein

Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences With an AI-Assistant

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is a smart way to enhance insights and processes. This type of computer software simulates human intelligence to help your company enhance business operations.

Salesforce AI, Einstein, allows companies to work smarter, make better decisions, and enable teams to be more productive.

Salesforce Einstein, a detailed overview to get you started



Salesforce Einstein is an AI-based assistant that enables companies to deliver a smarter, personalized and more predictive experience to their customers. Salesforce Einstein makes it simple for the salesforce developers by cutting down the difficulty of making data models. Einstein’s model will self-tune and automatically customize for every single customer with an additional piece of data. This helps the companies to predict future behavior and proactively recommend the next best action for the users. These below features make Salesforce Einstein more ease to use.

  • Data ready: No data preparation is required, just put the data into Salesforce and let Einstein do the magic.
  • Modeling ready: This uses automated machine learning to automatically fit proper model into the organization
  • Production-ready: After the development is done it can be directly deployed into the production, no DevOps is required.

Areas of Salesforce Einstein:

  •  Sales Cloud Einstein
  • Service Cloud Einstein
  • Marketing and Analytics Cloud Einstein
  • Community Cloud Einstein
  • IoT Cloud Einstein
  • App Cloud Einstein

Einstein for Admins:

  • Einstein Prediction: This helps us to create and deploy custom predictions. It also helps the user to have a better insight into the customer.
  • Einstein Discovery: Use the data for analytics and predictions.
  • Einstein next best action: Suggest the user for the next action which can be taken to keep the customer.
  • Einstein search: This displays the related list of the record for easier navigation. This also helps us to search using natural language. For instance, “Show me all the closed Opportunities”, “Display all the open Accounts”.

Einstein for Developers: 

  • Einstein Vision: They have advanced the feature of image recognition and recognizing the objects from the image to identify texts on the image (Einstein OCR)
  • Einstein Sentiment: This analysis classifies the words from the text body.
  • Einstein translation: Recent feature added to the Einstein family, to translate from one language to another. The translations can also be done through apex code with just a single line of code “translated text = ALTools.MLServices.translate(Sentence, language, “auto”)” 

Einstein for Users:

Voice assistant: This was the key feature of this year’s Salesforce release. This product is like interacting with Salesforce through a voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Users can ask for future analysis and its reasoning.
  • Users can command Einstein to update the data in Salesforce.

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Salesforce Einstein AI for Field Service

Cloud connected AI, like Salesforce Einstein, can improve your field service team’s efficiency, and therefore, enhance your customers’ experience. This powerful AI can connect field service technicians with the insights and actions that are critical to completing a job.

Learn more about Field Service software and how you can improve your operations with AI.