Dreamforce 2016 Highlights

Dreamforce 2016 Highlights

We know not everybody gets the chance to go to Dreamforce, so if you didn’t make it, don’t worry! In addition to the now-famous U2 concert, and cool swag, we’ve summed up some of the top product themes coming out of San Francisco last week.


Dreamforce was heavily focused on Einstein this year. What is Einstein when Salesforce is talking about him? Well, imagine he’s working for Salesforce. That’s what happened when Salesforce integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the core of their platform. Over time, it gets smarter and smarter, predicting actions and behaviors in sales, service, and marketing. It will even start to know you and perform automatic actions – again, to save you time and make your sales or marketing cycle more efficient. It’s like having the smartest business assistant in your pocket. The first of its kind, Salesforce is now the world’s smartest CRM. Watch a preview.

Lightning Bolt

Like a flash of brilliance from the clouds, Lightning Bolt is a new framework for deploying next-generation communities and portals faster. With Lightning Bolt, companies can jumpstart the creation of a new community, next-generation portal or customer-facing website that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM in a fraction of the time and with far less investment than was required before.

Salesforce DXapp-cloud-salesforce-dx

Keeping with the streamlining theme, Salesforce DX is a new way to manage and develop Salesforce apps with increased productivity, control and collaboration. It’s integrated with Heroku Flow and supports automated deployments off GitHub repositories. Development, staging and deployment are all streamlined, and the integrated test suite allows for continuous integration. Developers are going to really love this! (Note that it will only be ready in Winter ’17)

Google Apps Integration

There are great new integrations coming from Salesforce and Google Apps. Salesforce is already seamlessly connected with Google Sheet and Slides, but in Winter 2017, they’ll be syncing Gmail’s emails, contacts, and events out of the box with Lightning. This comes with a fully customizable side panel running on Einstein to quickly create new records directly from the Gmail inbox.

Google Sheets will also soon be integrated with Salesforce, out of the box, with a new product called Sales Cloud for Sheets. You get to download records to Sheets at the click of a button (using list views) and can perform real-time updates directly from the sheet. It supports mass updates, and validation rules are enforced. This makes mass updates amazingly easy.


quip_salesforce-logoQuip was acquired by Salesforce this past August, and while some people were a little skeptical about such an acquisition, we see it as a time-saver. Quip is a document and communication hub in the cloud. Any changes made in one document, whether on mobile or desktop, get synced with the rest of the team – helping to eliminate multiple worksheets and emails. For example, there are live Salesforce fields within Quip documents, so if you close a deal in Quip, it updates in Salesforce. It’s also a personal organizer, allowing you to enter and keep track of goals or tasks. They’ve also saved you time by enabled single sign-in. With Quip exemplifying efficiency and collaboration, Quip and Salesforce working together is exactly how Salesforce expects teamwork to look like.

In addition to Salesforce product announcements, we also visited the exhibits and found a few gems and up and comers to help you get more out of Salesforce:

Dell Boomi for salesforce.com® Integration

application_graphic_salesfo-1Dell Boomi AtomSphere® enables Salesforce® users to reduce data errors, minimize IT expenditures, and realize their goal of having fully integrated and synchronized customer information across businesses processes. Whether connecting Salesforce to other SaaS applications between departments or across geographic locations, AtomSphere is the centralized platform to deliver enterprise-grade integration with all of the cost savings and benefits you would expect from a SaaS solution.

opportunities-histogramPlotly for Python

Plotly for Python takes your Salesforce Reports Module and allows for greater interactivity. There’s even a “Play With This Data!” button, allowing you to explore more options, share and collaborate. We can see a theme here with making Salesforce do the heavy lifting for you and allowing you to gain greater insight into what really makes your sales cycle a winning one.

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