Eric’s ONENubik Story

Eric's ONENubik Story

Eric’s ONENubik Story

My wife and I have been involved with North County Mission of Hope for over ten years. We happened to meet them by chance on the plane to Nicaragua, en route to our honeymoon. We chatted with them, their mission spoke to us, we visited their site, and the rest is history.

North County Mission of Hope works on several fronts: sponsoring children (like World Vision), as well as supporting nutrition, health, education and housing efforts, among others.

We’ve been sponsoring a girl we met back in 2007, when she was five. For a few hundred dollars per year, we provide her with school supplies, and nutritional and medical support.

In 2013, my wife, who teaches nursing, started a new branch of the organization that focuses on healthcare. She travels to Nicaragua twice a year with nursing students and a doctor – they hold clinics in various villages, and organize other health-related activities. Last November, our kids and I went with her and we participated in activities like distributing food, building housing, and providing field support. It was a great experience that I hope to repeat! On this trip, I met Melissa, the little girl we’ve been sponsoring, who is now a young woman. I’ll never forget this meeting, and know that exposing our children to her life will broaden their horizons.

My wife now sits on the Mission’s Board, and I probably will too, in November. In addition to providing general leadership and developing the nursing program, we hope to extend the mission by recruiting new sponsors in Quebec, and help optimize management activities by sitting on the IT/data committee (I’m a tech guy through and through).

We receive so many benefits from our involvement with North County Mission of Hope that we’ve decided to make it a long-term family affair.

By Eric Rodrigue, Project Manager with Nubik

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