Field Service Lightning Features & Benefits

field service lightning benefits

Field Service Lightning Features & Benefits

It’s the 2020s and there’s no reason for your field service technicians to be working on a service island. That is, they shouldn’t feel stranded, without the right information to complete a task. The latest technology enables your team to be connected to insights, customer data, your team and much more. Set your team up for a decade of success with Field Service Lightning. Here are the key features and benefits.

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Field service management is more than just a simple job; it takes a wide range of moving parts to keep track of employees, manage customer concerns, and deliver a quality product. Fortunately, Salesforce Field Service Lightning comes with all the features you’ll need to make sure everything runs smoothly from the beginning of the job to payment.

Not only will you have access to these fairly standard field service features, you’ll also have the resources of a large and successful company like Salesforce. And you can’t put a price on that.

Technician Scheduling

In a field service business, scheduling technicians is a big part of the job. But with Salesforce Field Service Lightning, you’ll be able to turn this menial task into a simple click and save time in the process. Plus, you’ll be able to send out multiple technicians, with multiple asset loads, to a single job so you’ll save even more time without all any tedious double work.

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

It’s hard to know if a software is helping or hurting without data. With Salesforce Field Service Lightning, you’ll never have that problem, as their thorough analytics platform will help you not only keep track of your technicians, but also make sure they’re working smart. Ultimately, this data will help you improve productivity across the board, as you’ll have the information you need to make the right choices in your field service business.


Instant Communication with Team

Salesforce Field Service Lightning provides users with an instant “Chatter” tool that lets managers, dispatchers, and mobile employees communicate in real time. This will help you avoid problems like double booking while increasing the accuracy of your overall operation. This feature is available across every iteration of the software, so you can use it however you see fit to improve your team.

Service Contracts

There’s nothing worse than being stuck because of paperwork. With Salesforce Field Service Lightning, you can update, change, and confirm contracts in the field, so customers will feel like they have options. It prioritizes customer service in a way that makes it not only easy to get the job done, but also fosters trust between customers and technicians leading to repeat business.

AI-Powered Image Recognition

Customers know when something isn’t working, but they usually don’t know why. With AI-powered image recognition technology, Salesforce Field Service Lightning can assist technicians by letting them know exactly what parts they’ll likely need for the job, before they leave, and without any human intervention. This will save time on jobs by eliminating the need for asset delivery. It also benefits customer service by getting the job done the first time.

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Field Service Lightning ROI

At Nubik, our team of field service specialists have worked with many companies to help them deliver the best customer service with Field Service Lightning. Our projects have been an 83% increase in worker productivity, 55% faster response times, and 71% increase in new revenues.


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