When is the best time to implement a CRM? Now!

When Is the Best Time to Implement a CRM? Summer.

When is the best time to implement a CRM? Now!

For some of us, it’s been a long time waiting, but finally, summer has arrived! And for us Northerners, we’re finally able to shed some layers and head out to the terrasse, the pool or even the cottage. In other words: we’re ready for some outdoor relaxation.

Does it mean that the earth stops turning and business grinds to a halt? Not even close! On the contrary, this is often the best time to take on those famous long term projects you never seem to have the time to tackle.

For example: implementing a CRM. It’s been several weeks since you’ve been thinking about getting organised, finding a way to align your team with a more structured process and finding ways to increase their productivity.  The discussions have already happened, and now you’re wondering: is it the right time?

Some folks might tell you that summer is not ideal. But we respectfully disagree. In fact, why not take advantage of summer’s positive impacts to help you launch into the project:

1- Team Spirit

Sure, some of your team might be dreaming of sandcastles and flip flops, but they are also relaxed! They’ve left behind the dark, gloomy fall months, and the relentless start to the New Year when sales activities are often at their peak. Their minds are clear and they are able to focus.

People are generally more relaxed in summer and more inclined to take on infrastructure projects. Summer usually has this effect of relaxing the atmosphere. Longer days certainly help, the team has more time to focus on the project and contribute to the improvement process.

2- Customers on Holiday!

Well, it can certainly be unsettling, but customers on holiday is a reality you have to deal with. During the summer, many clients are on vacation, regardless of your type of business, and the day-to-day is usually idle. In fact, it is not uncommon to have customers who close their doors for a few weeks during this time

So why not take advantage of this period to prepare for the fall! In an extremely competitive world where every second that you yield to competition can result in huge losses, you want to come into the fall season prepared. So take advantage of this time to get organised so that you can hit the ground running that first day back after Labour Day, and leave your competitors behind.

3- Best focus

Sometimes it feels like life is a race that never ends. A typical day can include getting the kids out of bed, making lunch, heading out the door to the office, coming home and chauffeuring your kids to all the activities, and eventually falling asleep in front of the TV when you finally get the kids to bed, only to start all over the next day. Fortunately, during the summer, the end of classes means you get to ease up on the stress of a busy family schedule.

Less stress usually involves more focus and therefore more productivity! This is the best time to think, regroup and organise. And why not regroup all the players on your team s who are otherwise distracted by their day to day?


You can probably find ample reasons why other times of year are are just as good for launching a CRM. The fact is that introducing a productivity tool like a CRM requires a certain level of commitment from the team. What we have noted historically is that our customers tend to be more engaged over the summer months.

So, with that in mind, Summer is a great time to launch a CRM, and summer has officially begun!  So when you’re ready, give us a shout and we’ll help you figure out which CRM is best for you, and get you started on your journey while the sun still shines.

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