[Infographic] Enabling Field Technicians to Become Heroes!

[Infographic] Field Service

[Infographic] Enabling Field Technicians to Become Heroes!

infographic about Nubik and Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Our customer, an industry leader in wireless web-based irrigation management systems founded in 2002 by two agriculture-minded entrepreneurs, is helping farmers across North America take the guesswork out of irrigation management.


Field technicians worked offline and were manually dispatched to jobs in stations spread across humongous fields without any physical address or infrastructure.

The technicians were dispatched with Excel spreadsheets and once they were deployed, there was no way to know how they progressed through the day or when the work was completed. Furthermore, for businesses that work mostly with a hard copy system, it is difficult, if not impossible, to compile statistics.

Typical Field Service solutions can optimize your technician’s route when their destinations have an actual address.

This team of field technicians literally operates in the middle of giant, 60+ acres farm land. With Nubik’s expert guidance, Salesforce Field Service Lightning successfully took on the challenge and technicians have drastically optimized their travel time with the use GPS coordinates instead of physical addresses.

The implementation of Salesforce (FSL) in the company was a success

Scheduling and route management is at the very heart of FSL. Not only will these efficiency gains give your organization better press, but they will allow you to process more work orders per day!

Here are some of the positive changes for this company:

  • Travel time, distances and job dispatching are optimized.
  • Optimizing the route of the Field Technicians allows them to be more efficient. They are able to achieve more with less.
  • Field Service Lightning implementation facilitates tracking of actuals. It also provides management with a better understanding of what is happening in the field (actual time/planned time).
  • Management now has visibility over a field technician’s skills, output and productivity.


Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) allows to position assets on a map using geolocation coordinates. Dispatching is based on a configurable mix of technician’s availability, skill set, past experience, tools, and parts to where they can be most effective. FSL also allows you to track field service efforts and update customer records in real time. Specific geolocation coordinates were used to optimize the different routes (linked with assets).

The FSL Mobile app, used by technicians on the road, allows to capture status changes as well as field notes.

Some of the features of the mobile app include (Android and Apple iOS compatible):

  • Displays map with navigation instructions to the address of the service call (leveraging Google map or iOS map);
  • Displays the contact’s name and photo. Provides the option to call, text message or email the contact directly from the work order;
  • Provides the maintenance history of an asset. Displays a list of interventions for the same asset at the site of the service call;
  • Displays feeds to collaborate with colleagues using Chatter;
  • Provides the information associated with the work order, including detailed steps to get the job done;
  • Allows to generate service reports and capture customer signature directly on the mobile device;

The FSL Dispatcher screen displays real time information from all technicians on the road, giving the dispatcher real-time feedback and status updates allowing the entire organization to be much more productive. In fact, managers can now see where every tech is located and what jobs they are working on at all time

Measuring individual and company performance has never been so easy.

Empowered mobile field personnel with tools to update work orders, answer customer queries, order parts, adjust job status, expense inventory and plan trips, from anywhere and on any device.

With Salesforce Field Service Lightning, gone are the routes shaped like a “W” or, worse, the execution of work orders in alphabetic order. FSL’s optimization engine lets you optimize the time spent on tasks versus the time spent on travel. It takes into consideration your various constraints, such as task priority, or even the grouping of far-flung service calls.

In our quickly changing world, there is no need to repeat that customer experience is the key to success. Fortunately, this customer experience can now rely on Salesforce FSL!

Salesforce FSL Guided Tour (free demo) with Nubik


Nubik’s team of Field Service Lightning experts has experience in deploying tools and supporting agents in organizations of every size — some of which count thousands of field employees — and in the most demanding field service situations. Leveraging our experience with Service Cloud and our knowledge of industry best practices, we will work with you to transform your customers experience.

By Hamza Ahmed-Fouatih

Field Service Lightning Demo

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