Factories of the Future | Manufacturing 4.0 ERP Solutions

New data-driven software and technologies, such as Rootstock ERP, are helping manufacturing companies become more agile, innovative, and competitive.

Factories of the Future | Manufacturing 4.0 ERP Solutions

The manufacturing industry is adding increasing emphasis on digitization of processes and the need for skilled workers. New data-driven software and technologies, such as cloud ERP solutions, are helping manufacturing companies become more agile, innovative, and competitive.

The Manufacturing Leadership Council has outlined a number of critical issues to help manufactures towards a successful journey to Manufacturing 4.0. Here’s a look at Factories of the Future.

Accelerating the Value of Manufacturing 4.0: 2019/2020 Critical Issues

Source: manufacturingleadershipcouncil.com


Manufacturers of all sizes, in both process and discrete manufacturing, need to understand and embrace the potential of new and evolving production models, materials, and technologies including advanced analytical tools along the journey towards Manufacturing 4.0. These help increase business value by enabling more cost efficient, responsive, quality-driven, secure, safer, and more sustainable factories, production processes, and new business models for the future. 

Areas of Focus

  • M4.0 roadmaps, maturity models, and transformation frameworks to help companies move along their journey to Manufacturing 4.0, from current production models, often based on legacy systems, to a future state of increasingly digitally-enabled production readiness.
  • End-to-end digitization and analysis of manufacturing and engineering processes and functions in both centralized and distributed production networks. This also covers integration upstream with the tiered supply chain, and integration downstream through channels-to-market to connect with end customers.
  •  Deployment of M4.0 visualization, digital twin, simulation, and advanced modeling techniques to help digitize, accelerate, and streamline a more materials-efficient manufacturing design and production process.
  •  Increasingly more effective cybersecurity risk management approaches to combat the exponentially expanding issue of cyber threat in today’s increasingly networked manufacturing environment. A key focus is effective collaboration with corporate IT teams to ensure successful preventative measures and cyber attack response strategies that minimize potential vulnerabilities – from direct production interruption, to data / IP theft, and ransomware.

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