My Dreamforce takeaway from Service and FSL sessions

Dreamforce Takeaway Service and FSL Sessions

My Dreamforce takeaway from Service and FSL sessions

Hello all !

This year’s Dreamforce session had a lot to give to its mega community of  Salesforce professionals. I was fortunate to be part of this unique one-week experience and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts, first, and of course my key takeaways from the key Service Cloud & FSL sessions I attended.

So, here are my thoughts ….

“Dream/force felt exactly like the 2 blended words.”

Dreamforce was a force of great minds, cloud technology, exceptional customer experience, and inspirational leadership. A part of the city was blocked off to create this dream space, there was something to learn for every role and area of expertise.

For blocks, the sidewalk was filled with an ocean of Dreamforce backpacks, Dreamforce ID neck straps, and Astro dolls.

In between my jam-packed agenda of informational sessions and keynotes, I watched demos, participated in interactive discussions, and chatted with like-minded peers. Even in lineups, people were connecting! It is evident that people are passionate about salesforce and are excited to share their success stories about what salesforce has done for their career or their business, and, look forward to where it is headed. I was impressed to see sessions where customers shared their lessons learned and best practices to help others succeed with the platform.

After a long day of presentations, typically winded down at 5 a 7 to share experiences with colleagues, customers, and other like-minded enthusiasts or had fun at Dreamforce parties.

It truly felt like a dream!

Now my Dreamforce notes, from some of the key Service Cloud and FSL sessions I attended :

Personalized Service with Einstein

How to bring AI to customer experience

  • Personal experience as part of customer experience with the power of AI
  • Do the things customers expect from you with AI
  • Seamless handoff of customer ticket to agents
  • Simple processes allowing better data routing accuracy are built within 1 day so that you can see immediate results for improved customer experience

Using Einstein bots (prebuilt Einstein bots are available)

  • Self serve, diagnose a little bit (but needs more guidance), live chat with bot, already preconfigured
  • Natural language processing = based on customer typing in, identifying, and using CRM data to book appointment
  • Next best actions identified by bot, to highlight capability

Automatically learn from past cases

  • Serve up right article; Einstein suggested articles with more accuracy and relevancy
  • Serve right action at right time such as troubleshooting flow
  • Predict prior field and automatically route case (based on case fields)

Justifying ROI for a Field Service Solution

  • Skills management, because not everyone fits every work
  • Dispatchers using service consoles can see availability and skill for job, to see best candidate for work

  • Do a lot more work with FSL for techs. Same resources, but do more work
  • Tech can debrief even offline in 1 click for their work. Can see everything full picture of customer / asset , tier 1 answer call, dispatcher, tech
  • Engineer has history, good for engineer to do work, and good for customer experience, whole customer picture
  • Decrease time from sell to install or servicing
  • 1 platform, easy to adopt, and get up and running ; More adoption more ROI
  • Now have Inventory on trucks. Techs know immediately what they need for their jobs for the day
  • Sale on job. Can project what inventory is needed for job and forecast inventory. Can part order if needed.
  • Rich capabilities without big custom development
  • Can work with contractors as well with partner community and mobile app

If you’d like to know more, or have any question related to this article, please, raise your hand.

It will be my pleasure to reply.

By Jennifer Uy, Service Cloud & FSL Team Leader

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