Nathalie’s Footloose

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Nathalie’s Footloose

By Nathalie Adam, Project Manager with Nubik

I’m a volunteer walker for my neighborhood school’s walking bus. I started a group, called “Trottibus,” with other parents when my daughter started preschool last year.

Families who live within a 2km radius of their school now have an alternative to busing or driving: they can walk to school as part of a group, following a set itinerary and schedule, while being supervised by volunteer walkers. Children get exercise and fresh air before they have to sit in a classroom, and parents have the peace of mind of knowing that their children are safe. Some of our volunteers are retirees, and this gives them a great reason to get out of bed in the morning. Others are working people like me, who are glad to get in a bit of exercise before sitting at a desk for a long stretch of time.

There are Trottibuses all over Quebec! Check out their website. The Canadian Cancer Society supports this program under their active transport initiative.


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