Necessary Trends in Operations Management …psst one is Rootstock

Rootstock ERP and necessary trends in operations management

Necessary Trends in Operations Management …psst one is Rootstock

Manufacturing businesses should always be looking at ways to increase their profits. This can be done by increasing sales as well as cutting expenses. One of the first places to start is an end-to-end view of your manufacturing operations, inventories, supply chain and finances. And the easiest way to do that? Answer: Rootstock ERP.

Looking at a complete end-to-end view of your manufacturing operations will give you a clear idea of how your company operates, and help you identify areas of improvement. This is the first trend on the list of Necessary Trends in Operations Management.

1. Advanced Software

Smart manufacturing is the way of the future…and the present. Rootstock ERP enables businesses to access up-to-date operations data in real-time. With customizable dashboards, executives can get the latest metrics and insights to inform their operations decisions.

2. Automation

Advancements in technology have provided operations managers with the tools they need to improve operations plus the efficiency to reduce costs. With automation in place, operations managers can focus their efforts on other important areas. With Salesforce Rootstock ERP, operations managers have the tools for advanced planning and scheduling. Plan and allocate your resources with confidence. 

3. Innovation & Agility

It’s a competitive industry out there, so every business is looking for the competitive edge. With changing business needs, operations managers need the right tools and technology to adapt to new business models. Rootstock is easily customizable to do just that. As a cloud-based ERP, Rootstock can help enable company growth and product innovation.

Improve Operations Management with Rootstock ERP

At Nubik, we understand the challenges manufacturing businesses are facing. That’s why we’ve created a path to smart manufacturing. Our team will work with you to understand your specific business processes and workflows and implement the ultimate operations management solution.

In the first year, on average, our Rootstock clients have seen:

  • +34% cost savings
  • +23% total quality improvement
  • -32% production cycle time

Learn more about Rootstock ERP and see it in action.