Nubik Day at Moisson Montreal

Nubik Day at Moisson Montreal

Nubik Day at Moisson Montreal

While normally we all telecommute, every few months, we get together in person for Nubik Day. Nubik Day is a day of learning and sharing company updates, company successes, discovering the latest updates, brainstorming, and welcoming new team members. We get to spend time in each other’s company and usually end the day with some games (laser tag, bowling, pool) and food.

This past Nubik Day was very special because we spent the morning volunteering for Moisson Montreal.  Moisson Montreal is Canada’s largest food bank, providing food to many community food banks spread throughout the city of Montreal. Since part of our company culture is about giving back to our community,  it makes sense to gather us all together and chip in where we can. We put on our safety gear and got to work right in the warehouse in two teams. One team had to fill coffee bags and the other team (mine) packed and loaded cabbages onto pallets.

I noticed something fascinating and I think very unique happening – each individual took ownership and initiative – just naturally. No one told us exactly how to work; we each took turns jumping in, assessing where there was a need and addressing it, naturally. We also constantly strived to optimize how work was being done. I noticed after our break, for the second half of the morning we were actually working faster. Everyone had found a rhythm and a groove. It’s remarkable to sit back for a second and realize you are part of something so synergistic!


I think this represents well the type of personalities that work at Nubik – we are independent, but we know how to work together in concert to get work done. We also make sure all our systems are optimized for efficiency. I think we do this in our work whether it’s packing cabbages or implementing Salesforce. It’s a way of thinking and working that is natural to us.

Of course, we still know how to have fun! We ate well, had a few drinks, and had a great time coming together as ONENubik!

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