Salesforce CPQ Important Update : Price Action Formula Field

Salesforce CPQ Important Update : Price Action Formula Field

Salesforce CPQ Important Update : Price Action Formula Field

As part of Spring ‘20 (CPQ v224) release, a change to the Formula field on the Price Action object will be implemented. Percent values in Price Action Formula will need to be a decimal value.

Example.: 50% would currently be 50 and will need to be 0.5 going forward.

This change will make the creation and maintenance of Price Action formulas more intuitive, clearer to read, and in alignment with how Percent values are represented in other places across the Salesforce platform. 

Action may be required if you use formulas to calculate values in your Price Rules within Salesforce CPQ. To avoid any issues, update existing price action formula fields that contain percentage field values. Use decimals for values representing percentages, such as 1 for 100%, or 0.5 for 50%.

What action do I need to take?

  1. Navigate to Price Rules and select a Price Rule that contains a Price Action that specifies a field of type Percent as the Target Field.
  2. Navigate to the Price Action and update any values that represent percentage values to use their decimal representation, for example, 1 to mean 100% and 0.9 for 90%.
  3. Create a Quote, add a Quote Line that meets the Price Rule’s conditions, and verify the result of the Price Action Formula is accurate.


You have a field of type “Percent” on the Quote Line object, and you’d like to set the value from a Price Rule during the calculation. To do this, you have created a Price Rule and Price Action with a Formula that looks like this:

IF(SBQQ__Quantity__c > 1, 50, 100)

Prior to the Spring ‘20 (v224) release, Salesforce CPQ would insert the value from this formula as-is into the Percent field, correctly setting QuoteLine.PercentField__c to 50% or 100%.  However, the literal value of these numbers would also be used in any calculation performed within the formula. For example:

(1 – IF(SBQQ__Quantity__c > 1, 50, 100))

This formula would incorrectly evaluate to either -49% (1 – 50) or -99% (1 – 100), instead of 50% (1 – 50%) or 0% (1 – 100%), as intended.

In Spring ‘20 (v224), Salesforce CPQ is changing this behavior to properly evaluate the Price Action Formula field when the Price Action Target Field is of type Percent and literal values are used in the formula.  Values representing percentages should be input as their decimal representations, such as 0.5 for 50% or 1 for 100%.

After these changes in the Spring ‘20 (224) release, the second example after updating to:

(1 – IF(SBQQ__Quantity__c > 1, 0.5, 1))

Will now correctly evaluate as either 50% or 0%.

To learn more: Salesforce CPQ Spring ’20 Price Action Formula Field Change in Behavior

If you are not sure how to verify if these changes has an impact on your implementation, or for more information, please contact our certified CPQ consultants.