How to Simplify Complex Sales

How to Simplify Complex Sales

How to Simplify Complex Sales

By Serena Clermont, Salesforce CPQ Administrator at Nubik

In today’s sales environment, selling complex products is the norm. Any sale can have a dizzying array of options, complex guarantees or special discounts for specific clients, and sales reps are faced with the challenge of hitting the perfect combination of all of the above for each sales pitch. Without a tool to keep track of it all, it’s much too easy to make mistakes, leading to confusion and frustration for the company. So how do you avoid the pitfalls? By using the right tool for the job! As far as I’m concerned, the right tool is Salesforce CPQ.

I started working with Salesforce CPQ a year ago, and the more implementations I complete, the more I like it, which surprised me. Salesforce CPQ excels in the following areas:

  • Complex product management and assembly
  • Discount management
  • Quote development

Of course, Salesforce CPQ does a lot more than this, like contract management and renewals, but I’ll concentrate on these three features, for a broad overview.


A basic CRM system just can’t handle products with multiple options and sub-options, but this is where Salesforce CPQ shines. How can you be sure that all your various features and options are included in your quote?

For example:

  • Product X
    • Option A
      • Sub-option E
      • Sub-option F
    • Option B
      • Sub-option F
      • Sub-option G
  • Product Y
    • Option B
    • Option C
      • Sub-option E
      • Sub-option H

This example, though simple, shows how complicated things can get. Imagine the mess if you also had different options for different countries!

Salesforce CPQ’s forte, though, lies in building modular products while keeping the various options simple.


All companies have “strategic clients” who receive preferential pricing. Sometimes they get volume discounts, other times they reap the benefits of a long business relationship, or maybe they’re testing out a new product for you. Whichever case, it can be hard to keep track of discounts, and mistakes can end up costing your company, or even costing an entire business relationship. But never fear, CPQ allows you to program complex discount management rules. For example, you can set thresholds that trigger certain discounts, or associate corporate discounts. Salesforce CPQ allows you to manage all these scenarios.


Choosing the right options is one thing; developing a quote is quite another. Quotes have to speak to clients. For example:

  • Clear presentation of various sections (i.e. products vs. services vs. training vs. support)
  • Use of correct currencies
  • Separating taxable and non-taxable items

So many variables to consider that will keep you amused for hours! Salesforce CPQ allows you to take your quote development light years beyond a standard CRM tool. It’s really worth your while to check it out.


If selling complex products is what you do day in day out, then you know how important it is to optimize your reps’ activities, minimizing sales prep time to free them up for actual sales. If “time is money,” then sales reps’ time is gold.

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