Salesforce CPQ Spring 20 Release

Salesforce CPQ Spring 20 Release

Salesforce CPQ Spring 20 Release

Salesforce’s Spring 20 Release has a lot of important features. There are also a number of updates pertaining to Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote software). Here’s a breakdown of the updates.

Salesforce Spring 20 Release – Top Features


CPQ Spring 20 Release

Updated Logic for Percent Values in Price Action Formulas

Currently Percent values in Price Action Formulas are entered as the full Percent Value (100% = 100, 50% = 50).

As of the Spring 20 update, Price Action formula values will need to be represented as decimal values (100% = 1, 50% = 0.5).

CPQ Admins need to review price actions to make sure they respect that updated logic for Price Actions affected by this.

Salesforce Release Notes — Logic Updated for Percent Values in Price Action Formulas

Apply Rules Button

You will now have the option to add the Apply Rules custom action to the Configurator. The button will allow Sales Rep to manually apply Product/Price Rules.

Currently, rules either apply immediately on edit or on save. On Edit can take a lot of time on bigger configurations while on save doesn’t allow you to see the final results.

Salesforce Release Notes — Apply Edit Rules Efficiently in the Configurator

See the effect of Price Rules from the Configurator

Before this update, Configuration Attributes input in the configurator wouldn’t trigger Price Rules until you were back in the Line Editor. Following this update, you’ll now see the calculated values right away.

Price rules can now evaluate conditions against inputs from configuration attributes to trigger actions.

Salesforce Release Notes — Do More with Improved Price Rules in the Configurator

Expand/Collapse Bundles by Default

Salesforce CPQ admins will now be able to choose from the Salesforce CPQ package settings whether bundles should be expanded or collapsed by default. The user can then manually Expand/Collapse bundles.

Salesforce Release Notes — Expand or Collapse Bundles by Default

Read more.

Salesforce’s Spring 20 Release Top Features

Learn more about Salesforce’s Spring 20 Release features, including: 

  • Clone with related
  • Opportunity product search filters
  • Opportunity contact roles available for automations
  • Schedule emails
  • Assign tasks to a queue
  • Einstein prediction builder for everyone

Salesforce CPQ

CPQ software can automate configure-price-quote and billing processes for manufacturing companies. View key metrics that CPQ brings to manufacturers.


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