Salesforce Lightning is Ready. Are You?

Salesforce Lightning Before and After

Salesforce Lightning is Ready. Are You?

You’ve certainly heard about it. You’ve probably seen the videos and read the reviews. Maybe you’ve even had a demo and the chance to get hands on with the features and functionality. It’s new and fresh. It’s modern. Yes. But, you have probably also heard early feedback questioning whether it is ready for prime time and are wondering whether it’s ready for your business. We’re here to help set you straight.

First, a Salesforce Lightning primer

Salesforce Lightning is a new, modern user interface that organizes information into a more visual, user-friendly way. From Sales to Service to Marketing, every department in your organization has something to gain. Information is more visual, and intuitive. The user experience is consistent across desktop, mobile and tablet. The result? Faster, more efficient usability that will help you find more customers, win more business and keep more customers.

Why now?

First announced in 2015, each seasonal release of Salesforce introduces significant new functionality.

Winter ‘17 brought about much-anticipated functionality to Lightning Experience, including a significant improvement over previous versions that included

  • Quotes
  • Contracts Management
  • Many upgrades to Leads and Opportunities

And now with Spring ‘17 officially released, an additional 220+ features are being made available.

It’s important to recognize that Salesforce is investing heavily in Lightning, in an effort to modernize and update the way we use the platform. This means that with each release iteration, new features continue to be made available, increasing the robustness of the experience.

Sounds promising? Definitely.  But like anything in Salesforce, before you go and flip the switch, it’s important to take a step back, understand the overall impact in your installation, and build a plan for success.

3-step plan for success


Prepare a thorough review of your current usage across all departments including “out-of-the-box” and custom objects, workflows and automation, App Exchange apps, VisualForce pages, reports and dashboards, buttons and links, and third party integrations. Depending on how your system is configured, not everything is supported and this is the time to understand the effect it will have on your business, and make an informed decision whether, what and when to migrate.


Once you have completed this evaluation, it’s time to define your migration plan. This includes adapting objects, reports and dashboards, VisualForce pages, and so on. Of course, it also includes testing and user acceptance, in Sandbox and in Production. This is also the time to plan for user adoption training.


Although the new interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, it is a new way of working that your users will need to be introduced to. Schedule an official launch and include some adoption training to show how easy it is to use the new experience Over the following weeks, provide regular check-ins and opportunities for your users to provide feedback so you can continue to improve usability for your business.

Launching Lightning can be as simple as flipping the switch, however, our experience working with companies who have transitioned from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, demonstrates that a thorough deployment takes a more strategic and well-considered approach. Certainly, it will serve to make the transition more fluid and encourage adoption among your users.

We make Lightning easy

The goal of switching to Lightning Experience is to make things easier for your user. At Nubik we’ve watched it gain momentum with our customers and within the Salesforce community at large. To take the guesswork out of it for your organization, and help make a smooth transition, we’ve launched a Lightning Readiness Assessment package that includes a thorough platform assessment, gap analysis and recommended next actions. We also help our customers migrate to the new experience, including user training and adoption strategies so everyone in your company can start leveraging the new features and grow with it as Salesforce continues to roll out the ongoing functionality.

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