Nubik Certified Salesforce Consultant Reviews Salesforce’s Spring 20 Release

Nubik Certified Salesforce Consultant Reviews Salesforce’s Spring 20 Release

Nubik Certified Salesforce Consultant Reviews Salesforce’s Spring 20 Release

Nubik’s team of Certified Salesforce Consultants know Salesforce like the back of their hands. In fact, one of our Salesforce consultants wrote a summary of the important features to be aware of for Salesforce’s Spring 20 release.

Salesforce Spring 20 Release – Top Features


Salesforce’s Spring 20 release is now available in your Sandbox, here’s what to look for.

Clone With Related

We have been looking for that feature for a long time, unfortunately it’s only available on Opportunities and Campaigns for now. The “Clone with Related” button will need to be added to the page layout and only users with Read/Create access on the records that they want to clone will see it.

Salesforce Release Notes — Clone with related

Opportunity Product Search Filters

When adding products to an opportunity you now get access to quick filters to make search easier. Filters combine with the text entered in the search field to filter the product list.

Admins will be able to select the available filter fields by modifying the “Multiline editor layout”.

Salesforce Release Notes — Opportunity Products Search Filters

Opportunity Contact roles available for automations

Opportunity contact roles will now be available in Process builder, Flow Builder and workflow rules allowing admins to automatically create Opp Contact Roles or send notifications to the opportunity owner when a contact role is created/updated.

Salesforce Release Notes — Automate Processes for Opportunity Contact Roles

Schedule Emails

When a user is sending out emails out of Salesforce, users will now be able to schedule when an email is being sent out.

Users will also be able to review the list of pending emails from a Lightning component that can be added to record pages or the Salesforce Homepage.

Salesforce Release Notes — Schedule and Manage Scheduled Emails in Lightning Experience

Assign tasks to a queue

When creating a task, users will now be able to assign a task to a queue. Users can then take action on the tasks from the queue’s list view.

Salesforce Release Notes — Assign Tasks to a Queue to Share Work Efficiently

Einstein Prediction Builder for everyone

Salesforce user on either Enterprise or Developer editions will have access to Einstein Prediction Builder for free.

The free feature allows Salesforce admins to create up to 10 predictions and active 1.

Salesforce Release Notes — Try Einstein Prediction Builder At No Additional Cost

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