Salesforce Unveils Its Voice Assistant: Einstein Voice

Salesforce Einstein Voce

Salesforce Unveils Its Voice Assistant: Einstein Voice

In the USA, one out of five adults owns a voice assistant. Another study conducted by Capgemini confirms that almost one quarter (24%) of consumers would rather use a voice assistant than a web site to interact with a business. In the next three years, this number will reach 40%.

The world is changing at warp speed. Companies have to rethink their business model to include artificial intelligence. Good news, Salesforce recently announced the launch of two new products: Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots.

Einstein Voice Assistant

From a smart phone or any other device, Einstein Voice will be able to recognize your commands and to act on them. For example, you could ask it to send an email, update a client’s file or schedule an appointment. The possibilities are endless!

Moreover, as the name indicates, Einstein Voice Assistant will also function as a personal assistant by providing each user with a set of reports at the beginning of the day, tailored to that user’s preferences.

Einstein Voice Assistant is bringing a wind of change in the world of data entry. The old repetitive and outdated method is being replaced by voice recognition powered by artificial intelligence. Imagine how much time you could save as a result. Sales representatives will now be able to communicate their information instantly, eliminating oversights and allowing other departments to be more productive.

For example, between two client meetings, a sales representative will be able to open the Salesforce mobile app and summarize verbally his or her meeting to Einstein Voice Assistant in a matter of minutes. The voice assistant will automatically update the client’s file and, if necessary, create tasks or schedule another meeting with the client. Back in the office, the sales manager will have access to this information in real time and will be able to take the next step even before the return of the sales representative.

Einstein Voice Bots

Salesforce has not forgotten the customers and will provide them with a voice assistant powered by artificial intelligence. The customer, using his favorite voice assistant (Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant), will be able to access Einstein Voice Bots to update his or her account, request technical support, place an order, etc. In short, there is a long list of choices!

The platform will be completely customizable so that each business can differentiate itself by offering a unique experience to its customers. Salesforce also wants to save companies the trouble of encoding and the system will therefore be programmable in just a few clicks. Isn’t that cool?

“When will this be available?“

In order to offer a quality product without bugs, Salesforce has revealed that Einstein Voice Assistant will be launched as a pilot project during the winter of 2019. As for Einstein Voice Bots, it will be included in the version planned for the summer of 2019.

By Hamza Ahmed-Fouatih

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