The Art of Rising Above the Fine Details

The Art of Rising Above the Fine Details

The Art of Rising Above the Fine Details

Author: Katie Bussières – President – Nubik

In order to achieve its growth objectives, a company must be able to rely on a management team that adopts an effective leadership approach. Nubik is no exception to this rule; having positive leadership practices in place is crucial to overall success, however this can also bring with it some day-to-day challenges.

There you have it. But how many leaders, at all levels, are over-worked?

To use effective leadership, you must excel in the art of rising above the minor details. I’ll explain.

If, as a team leader, you spend all your time managing actions, reviewing decisions, or monitoring the work of your team, basically, if you’re busy micro-managing, your mind simply isn’t available to focus on new projects that could be game changers for your company or your department, and for positive growth.

Although it may seem obvious, how do you avoid falling in the trap of micro-managing? How do you allow the members on your team a certain level of professional autonomy, which will in turn allow you to focus your efforts on strategic thinking? The answer lies in the level of trust you can place in your team. Being able to rest easy knowing you can safely delegate.

We tend to make up our teams with people who are similar to us. People who think exactly like we do. This can be an asset for certain positions, but it’s better to lean towards a team with complementary skills. For example, if you’re not detail-oriented, someone else on your team should be.

The dream team is one that’s made up of independent people with complementary abilities who are organized around common goals and values. The team as a whole must be able to perform all the necessary duties required for the smooth operation of the business, ranging from clerical duties to strategic planning. Nothing can be left to chance. In order to achieve this, each member of your team has to be chosen with care. Psychometric testing can be quite helpful; sometimes it’s indispensible when your goal is to have THE right person in THE right chair.

Once your ideal team has been created, all that remains is to render it autonomous. To do this, you should provide it with a complete list of tasks and give it the freedom to organize itself as to how to accomplish them. It has to develop its own strengths and abilities. As the leader of an independent team, you must be influential, engaged and supportive. You should be attentive to the experience and the needs of the team. You must allow your team to make decisions that reflect its growth. This, of course, means that you have to accept that there will be mistakes. Because individually and collectively, we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. You should place a high value on mutual assistance and make sure that all the members of the team have a positive experience. You should act more like a team consultant than a boss.

For an organization, achieving an optimal level of team performance can take some time and management on your part, but once this is achieved, the team members’ motivation will be enhanced and they will feel more involved and satisfied with their work. You will see an increase in the team’s motivation, the quality of the work, as well as the degree of teamwork. Over time, if you provide this opportunity, the team will learn to work together to share responsibility for the success of its projects, and will also be able to continuously improve and adapt quickly to meet changing needs.

Once this goal has been achieved, your trick will then be to ensure your team remains motivated and happy. You will have to provide it with interesting challenges, where the need to stay out of the daily details continues to be important.

It’s crucial to continue to actively involve your team in the success of your project, your team and your business. You will have to meet their needs for opportunities for growth. This will create a positive cycle; one that will foster sustainable growth for your company at all levels.

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