TrailheaDX 2017 – Highlights

TrailheaDX '17 Highlights

TrailheaDX 2017 – Highlights

It’s been a week since TrailheaDX 2017 and I’m still processing all the things we’ve seen there; suffice to say, there’s plenty to learn from my latest trip to San Francisco. While it’s officially described as the “Salesforce developer conference”, it’s clear there’s a lot for admins and project managers to learn there as well. That said, as a developer myself, here are my takeaways from the conference.

Lightning. Lightning everywhere.

2016 was billed as the “year of lightning” for Salesforce, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still going strong in 2017. At the event, there were over 25 sessions and workshops on Lightning Experience. The message is very clear : Lightning is the future – and very much the present – of Salesforce. If you’re a developer and you’re not yet familiar with Lightning, get on Trailhead and get up to speed.

Lightning Data Service

Yep, more Lightning. Lightning Data Service is a tool for everyone who feels loading records in Lightning was a bit too complex compared to Visualforce pages. It’s available right now, and by using the “force:recordData” tag in your lightning components, you can now get your record from the server or, more conveniently, from the local cache. And saving changes to that record is done very easily from the client-side controller, without the need for a server-side controller. There’s a lot to like here, if you ask me.

Einstein : Object Detection,  Sentiment and Intent

Salesforce unveiled 3 new services that use Einstein AI, namingly : Einstein Sentiment, Einstein Intent, and Einstein Object Detection. Einstein Sentiment works by simply feeding these services text messages (most likely from a customer via Live chat or email). It then works to detect the tone of the message, which can then be use to take actions automatically, for example creating a Case if the tone is negative.

Einstein Intent works similarly, but this time assessing what the customer is looking to accomplish, so you can route the message to service or sales, appropriately.

And Einstein Object Detection builds on Vision, by identifying multiple objects it has previously been trained to detect, in a picture. One use case that was showcased during the opening keynote was a hiking equipment sales rep asking a customer in a live chat session to show her the gear they already owned. Object Detection then proceeded to identify everything in the picture and then used that information to suggest more items that could be relevant to the customer. Very, very impressive live demo.

Intention and Sentiment are currently available in Beta, so not quite there yet, and Object Detection is even further away from release. I feel that the biggest challenge will be getting customers to trust the capabilities of this service, as it feels a bit too much like magic. And that in itself is very exciting.

Dancing Mascots

Seriously, check out the mascots. Einstein got some moves.

Salesforce DX Open Beta

It’s probably not the first time you hear about Salesforce DX, but now we can all go out and try it out ! Salesforce announced that Salesforce DX is now in Open Beta. I did not get to spend time with the Beta yet, but here’s what excites me about DX : it allows developer to launch their own “scratch orgs” on demand, to test and develop in your own personal org. And once that’s done, you can bring back the changes – code and metadata.

In short: no more breaking sandboxes that other people are working on. Not that it’s ever happened to me or anything…

And much more…

Obviously this is only the tip of the iceberg – especially regarding Salesforce DX, it’s much more than what I covered here and I’m still learning about it. We were a team of three developers covering the conference for Nubik and there was still stuff we couldn’t cover as well as we would have liked. Luckily, a lot of the sessions are covered by new trails available on Trailhead, a lot of them right now; so even if you didn’t get to go, you’re covered.

Original article by Mat Bonin, Developer