Manufacturing Industry Challenges, Trends & Manufacturing ERP Software

manufacturing challenges, technology trends and manufacturing erp software

Manufacturing Industry Challenges, Trends & Manufacturing ERP Software

Changes in the manufacturing industry have brought both challenges and new digital transformation trends. One of the new technology trends is manufacturing ERP software which has made it easier for manufacturing companies to manage their business operations and resources.

But first, they need to know what their resources are. Which leads to one of the challenges facing the manufacturing industry: a labour shortage.

Top 5 Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry (And What to Do About Them)


Labour Shortage

As Baby Boomers exit the workforce (and take valuable skills with them) and opportunities made possible by technology fuel growth, it’s expected that nearly 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will become available over the next decade – and nearly 2.4 million are expected to go unfilled. Today, 6 out of 10 open skilled production positions are unfilled. While automation and robotics may help fill the labor gap, skilled workers will still be needed to apply problem-solving capabilities, perform analysis and manage production.

One reason manufacturers are finding it difficult to fill positions, both skilled and unskilled, is the lack of trade school opportunities for young men and women. To solve for this problem, many manufacturers are developing robust training programs to teach candidates everything from die making and welding to robotics programming and sheet rolling. Realizing that they need to be investing now to ensure they’re building a workforce for their futures, some manufacturers are taking it a step further, partnering with local community and technical schools to financially support trade programs and offer apprenticeships and internships that lead to full-time employment.

Manufacturers also need to get creative in their efforts to attract workers by meeting them where they’re at today – not in the newspaper, radio, TV or billboards, but online. The more effective way to connect, especially with millennials, is through social media. Keep in mind that younger generations today aren’t looking just for a career; they’re looking for a positive culture focused on employee and community wellbeing. Use video to highlight the benefits of working for your organization, and promote your workplace culture as a primary asset.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for Manufacturing Companies

The way manufacturing business is done is changing! Embrace the digital transformation of the industry. Modern manufacturing ERP software can help integrate your core business operations plus give your company the competitive edge.