Unifying Metrics for a Global Organization

Nubik Customer Story  Unifying Metrics for a Global Organization

Unifying Metrics for a Global Organization

Nubik Customer

Industry type: Manufacturing

Location: North Carolina

Employees: 500

Salesforce Products (s): Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

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COMPANY OVERVIEW: OUR CUSOTMER is the largest and most experienced scent provider in the world with 100,000 deployments of their products in more than 100 countries.   They are a B2B company that operates several global offices and use both direct to customer and distributor-based sales channels depending on geography.  They provide many types of devices to dispense scent in a variety of applications and sales of the scents for the devices are sold on a subscription basis.  Customers range from boutique stores to hotel chains to stadiums.   They have 1000’s of fragrances and will create exclusive custom fragrances for certain customers


  • Multiple Global Locations with different CRM platforms or none at all
  • Limited Customer Service Analytics
  • Standardizing Lead Management & Sales Process
  • Streamlining Marketing Requests & Collateral


  • Migration of disparate systems to Salesforce platform and removal of Zoho & Sales Logix
  • Service Cloud Console and Case Management to replace previous process of basic activity tracking coupled with two-way Integration with ERP system
  • Use of CRM as intended (previously there was limited distinction between Lead and Account). We built out a process that improved marketing analytics and incorporated intelligent “quick convert” functionality to help sales adopt new process
  • Integrated Salesforce with existing system allowing for SSO and immediate access to ordering of marketing materials within Salesforce Interface. Created a robust marketing request process internally complete with various approvals


  • Centralized Metrics and Consistent Process
  • Improved process for customer on-boarding, general customer service, and collections. Metrics collected allowed for faster responses, better organization of issues, and measurement of productivity for staffing decisions
  • Clean Account Base, Clear distinction between Leads and Accounts viable for Pipeline, improved pipeline reporting and Activity Tracking – now able to measure “touches to close sale”
  • Ability to measure marketing expense of an individual salesperson versus revenue generated. Cost control for all types of marketing related expenses via structured approval process.  Reduction in email related to marketing requests.

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