Why choose Nubik for your enterprise digital transformation project?

Why Nubik for your enterprise digital transformation project?

Why choose Nubik for your enterprise digital transformation project?

By Bruno Gagnon – Customer Solutions Director

That’s a great question. Let’s consider why you would choose Nubik and why you should choose Nubik.

Reason #1 – Our focus on ROI

At Nubik, we work on multiple projects, many of which often come with tight budgets and tight timelines. As a result, we have learned to focus on the essential, specifically those elements of the project that offer the quickest return on investment (ROI). We get there quicker than others thanks to our iterative process for discovering and delivering customer value—together. That value is identified and refined over time through discussions. In fact, an enterprise digital transformation project starts as, and continues to be, a conversation. Questions are asked, thoughts are shared, perspectives evolve, plans are refined, and actions are taken accordingly. In addition to delivering on our end of the project, our job at Nubik is to help you discover the value that lies at the heart of your enterprise digital transformation project.

Reason #2 – We’re big enough—but not too big—to make a difference

As we said in the previous reason, at any given time, we at Nubik are working on a lot of projects. As a result of all of these projects, we have the ability to attract and to recruit enterprise-level resources, particularly the project management, development, and business analyst expertise required to successfully deliver an enterprise digital transformation project on time and on budget. Nubik’s team of experts bring proven expertise and training in enterprise application integration using the Salesforce and FinancialForce platforms and other complex projects (custom code, Heroku, custom apps, etc.)

Reason #3 – We’re small enough to be nimble

Nubik operates at human scale, without the complex corporate structures that characterize much larger firms. We have standardized and implemented the level of business processes required to support us and our customers in achieving their business goals, particularly with an enterprise digital transformation project. Yet we also remain responsive and agile, able to act upon and implement the sources of customer value at the same pace as they are discovered and communicated. Nubik team members also work directly with their customer peers, facilitating communication and collaboration.

Reason #4 – We’re invested in your success

Nubik is so invested in its customers’ success that it was recognized by Salesforce as a leading provider of Salesforce solutions. In fact, in 2018, Salesforce once again named Nubik a Platinum Partner. We got there by delivering the highest levels of customer support and service and maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction. In fact, Salesforce surveyed our customers before awarding us this honor. Wouldn’t you want someone with that level of recognition working on your enterprise digital transformation project?

Reason #5 – We know your industry

Working on a number of projects for a large number of customers across a wide variety of industries has given us unique expertise and insight. We’ve worked with customers in the fields of distribution, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, professional services, retail, and technology. We also work with Salesforce.org to provide solutions for non-profits. We customize Salesforce and FinancialForce cloud-based business solutions based on the specific needs and dynamics of your industry.

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