Why working from home helps our planet

why working from home helps our planet

Why working from home helps our planet

When people think about working from home, they generally consider the time and money they are able to save and their increased productivity. However, we often forget that it is also a green approach! Indeed, working from home implies acting for the environment.

Let’s start with the obvious, less travel! Even the most efficient means of transportation use more energy than avoiding travel altogether. Even though this may sound like I am oversimplifying, it does really matter a great deal. In fact. transportation around the globe accounts for almost 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This shows that our movement plays a major role, and therefore, each time you can avoid travelling somewhere, the planet thanks you!

Being able to work in comfortable attire also yields environmental benefits. Obviously, it allows us to extend the life of our outerwear, and the same goes for our work clothes. Trust me, you can actually triple the longevity of a single piece of clothing! Effortlessly! We can mention again the financial aspect, since a lot of clothing is manufactured overseas. Consequently, this helps reduce the energy consumption that goes with making clothes while minimizing waste.

Last but not least, it decreases the need for office space. Which therefore reduces the need for materials required to build those offices, and the energy consumption to operate them.

It’s a small individual step, but collectively, it represents a huge step forward globally!

By Alexandre Boyer – VP operations at Nubik