Why You Should Attend Community Live 2018

Why You Should Attend Community Live 2018

Why You Should Attend Community Live 2018

By Patrick Gouin, Customer Solutions Director

I had the pleasure of attending the FinancialForce annual conference Community Live last year in beautiful Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.

Amidst the warm weather, the palm trees and the surreal lifestyle that Las Vegas has to offer, greatness was taking place with Community Live, a FinancialForce event packed with quality people, and quality content, through training sessions, product roadmaps and keynotes driven by industry thought leaders, not to mention all the great gatherings and night life activities orchestrated by FinancialForce.

Needless to say, it truly was a unique experience to be part of.

Millennials are taking over the world

In an age where customers are disrupting the economy and demand new ways to consume products and services, companies need to reinvent the way they meet these new expectations. I was recently reading a Forbes article about Millennials, who are great examples of drastic shifts. As we know, they are taking over the internet and the economy by storm, creating large ripples by shifting buying priorities to experience and services, moving away from a traditional spend mentality focused on acquiring, that we all know.

Here, I use millennials as an example for driving change, but we are really looking at a much larger demographic scale in this paradigm shift. This shift also influences people like me, and I am not a millennial. The new economy model is based on ease of access to services at the lowest cost possible, and as we face this paradigm, technology becomes the very foundation that enables us to support this shift. Think of Netflix, Uber, Amazon, and other innovators that paved the way, without the right technology, people and processes in place, these organizations would not be thriving, and more so, without the millennial like buying behaviour, there would be no purpose for them to serve.

This is an on-demand, 24/7 world now. This is what the New Services Economy is all about. New business models emerge everyday while traditional companies face the greatest challenge ever… Adapt or be left behind in the dust.

How FinancialForce is helping you change your game

In the New Services Economy, unless you are an emerging startup that is not bound by legacy infrastructures, you are most likely facing the daunting task of digitally transforming your business. Luckily for you, FinancialForce is a next generation Cloud ERP solution that was built with this shift in paradigm in mind.

Build on the world’s #1 trusted cloud suite of CRM application, Salesforce.com, FinancialForce allows companies to tap into new processes, whether it be through Services Automation, billing models that ecompasses the concept of subsciption based billing and deferred revenue recognition, or simply due to the fact that it puts the customer at the very core of any and all transactions and communications.

FinancialForce also leverages artificial intelligence offered by Einstein analytics and help companies understand trends through predictive analytics allowing for future proof decision making.

Why should you attend Community Live?

There are many reasons that make CommunityLive the ultimate destination for you. Whether you are an existing FinancialForce customer, a current Salesforce customer looking for a new solution to manage your operations, or just curious about what the New Services Economy is all about, there is something for you to take away.

To list a few reasons:

  • Keynotes: The keynotes will give you real insight on where industries are headed. A mix of customer panels and industry thought leaders sharing insights into common challenges companies face and how they are making a difference are truly inspiring. You will walk away with new ideas and possibly initiatives in mind.
  • FinancialForce: Major announcements are made and roadmaps are shared, you will learn from the creative product team how and where FinancialForce is headed. If you a curious to understand the magnitude of this solution provider, this is your chance.
  • Experts: You can of course meet the team of experts at FinancialForce and learn about new features, get training through sessions, discuss product roadmaps and maximize your investment on the platform.
  • Networking: There is nothing like networking with industry peers. Throughout the multiple sessions and the session breakouts, there will be a lot of customers, and potential customers like you. Why not have great conversations and peer-to-peer exchanges on your business, challenges and success.
  • Nubik: FinancialForce and Salesforce allows us to offer a framework for success from lead acquisition to contract renewal, we will have a booth during the show, it’s a great opportunity for you to meet our team and learn how we can help you with your digital transformation initiatives.
  • It’s Las Vegas: The event is taking place at the prestigious Aria hotel and resort, located in the heart of Las Vegas’ nightlife and entertainment. Any reason is a good reason to be in the city that never sleeps, why not enjoy great food, scenery and shows.

In the coming weeks I will share more information on what you can expect from the event. We hope to see you there in June 2018 for another exciting event with our partner FinancialForce.

See you there!

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