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Welcome to the cutting edge of multicloud

Ready to make the next leap forward in your career?

We guide those around us in streamlining paths through our interconnected world.

At Nubik we’re committed to encouraging our teams, clients and stakeholders to explore a world of friction-free technology and processes.

The success of our organization is a by-product of our relationship with Salesforce combined with our efforts to inspire and engage an experienced professional core.

It’s all about trust

We lead by example and work in a way that fits

our lifestyles to achieve more, together.

Our commitment to working remotely since 2003 has given Nubikians

a greater sense of balance and contentment in their lives. We want

every team member to feel that they can work in whichever way best suits them

and to feel valued.

We do this not just because it makes sense, but because inspiring and

empowering each individual to exceed their expectations of what work-life

balance can mean enables the success of everyone at Nubik. 

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Every week a Nubikian is invited to share his or her playlist with the whole team. We have many playlists but not yours. Want in?!


The COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented change worldwide. It affected how we work, how we socialize, and how we imagine our future. While many businesses struggled during this period and others look to the future with uncertainty, at Nubik our plans remain robust and our spirits high.

We operate on the cutting edge of Salesforce technology, providing our customers with the tools needed to compete
through outperforming business processes in a digital landscape. 2020 only deepened our commitment to the digital cause as our future remains bright and optimistic.

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Spend a day in our shoes

Wanna take a peek behind the scenes at Nubik? We’re proud of our people and don’t hesitate to show it. We want every Nubikian to feel empowered to be their best and love what they do. But don’t take our word for it. What does the team have to say?

“The management team is really supportive. They actively seek out ways to improve our work-life balance. I’m also given frequent opportunities to develop my professional skillset with more challenging projects without feeling overwhelmed.”

Sophie L.
Principal Consultant

“Nubik provides me with challenging projects to tackle as part of a highly driven, supportive and friendly team. I can learn and grow rapidly without compromising on care for my one-year-old and quality time at home thanks to Nubik’s virtual office model and flexible schedule.”

Swarnendu R.
Principal Consultant

“I’ve always wanted to work in an international setting, and Nubik allows me to do just that. It’s refreshing to interact with customers and colleagues from different places and backgrounds. It provides a kind of social luxury I don’t think you’d find in a lot of offices.”

Chad W.

“I love getting the chance to work with different people and try out different roles to test myself. The directors are always open to new ideas, organizational changes to suit the business needs and they really respect the idea of work-life balance.”

Kim A.
Enterprise Capacity Planner

“Nubik has given me the opportunity to step into exciting roles and has provided dedicated time to expand my knowledge and skills. I always feel supported and encouraged by leadership in taking on new challenges while also maintaining a great work-life balance. “

Jacqueline P.
Business Solutions Architect
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